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Recent content by JipThePeople

  1. JipThePeople

    Helix Reverb/Delay for Ambient Without Being Overwhelming

    I really like your ambient sounds here. Can you provide more details about your reverb and delay settings? Nice playing too!
  2. JipThePeople

    Helix Reverb/Delay for Ambient Without Being Overwhelming

    Really nice ambient verb - thank you!
  3. JipThePeople

    Helix Reverb/Delay for Ambient Without Being Overwhelming

    I recently got the HX Stomp and I’m looking for a great ambient delay with reverb or standalone delay that allows the clean guitar to be upfront and the ambient effects in the background.
  4. JipThePeople

    Helix Keeley DS1 Mod

    Thanks! Is the Ultra mod symmetrical or asymmetrical?
  5. JipThePeople

    Helix Keeley DS1 Mod

  6. JipThePeople

    Helix Keeley DS1 Mod

    Is the Helix Keeley DS1 Mod the Ultra mod or the Seeing Eye? I noticed there is an asymmetrical option.
  7. JipThePeople

    Your Favorite Band that Never Made it "Big"

    King’s X. They deserve to be huge but they remain obscure.
  8. JipThePeople

    Replicating my favorite pedals with Helix / HX

    Anyone model the Wampler velvet fuzz or the mooer yellow compressor?
  9. JipThePeople

    HX Stomp Questions

    Best of luck on these gigs!
  10. JipThePeople

    HX Stomp Questions

    looks like a great setup!
  11. JipThePeople

    HX Stomp - Assigning Multiple Blocks to a Footswitch, Removing a Block From Footswitch

    After some experimentation and reading the manual, I still can't figure out two things. 1. Assign multiple blocks to one footswitch 2. Unassign a block from a footswitch Any recommendations are appreciated.
  12. JipThePeople

    Iridium Into HeadRush FRFR-112?

    I ended up returning the 112 model as well. It’s a great value and bang for the buck but I have great tube amps and cabs loaded with premium speakers and the 112 headrush is too much of a step down. However, I think it’s a great wedge for the price. My needs definitely include FOH. I’m...