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    PS5 versus PS6?

    The PS6 is harder to use but tracks the signal better. I personally love mine although it took me a lot of time to get how it works.
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    Your first pedal

    BOSS PS-6 i love it
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    Boss DS-1 But Better?

    The DS1 with the ultra keeley is a GREAT pedal and with a good amp its a killer. I just love that classic distortion sound !.
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    Best pedal of all time!

    i already have a catalin bread !!
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    What Picks Do You Use?

    Dunlop Jazz III Maxgrip Carbon Fiber, sweeeeet picks for those who sweat a lot !
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    I'm going Solid State..suggest a good dirt for it

    I know i know... everybody hates BOSS pedals but i cant live without my DS-1 Keeley Ultra Mod!!!
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    I Suck at Pedal Building

    Re do everything!
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    First Pedal...Latest Pedal

    First MXR Fullbor Metal Last TC Electronics Flashback
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    Show Us Your PEDALBOARD #30

    Jajajaj two flashbacks, your a crazy !
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    Back in (budget) pedal business!

    Mooer are really good pedals to start !!
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    Back in (budget) pedal business!

    My friend, were in Germany are you ? theres a lot of music stores and second hand stores in germany that are far from expensive. Second hand i dont remember the names but look for them. For new gear try at PROMUSICTOOLS REgards and good luck !
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    Difference between BOSS PS-5 and PS-6

    The sound is really different. If you want something else more specific send me a PM !. Regards
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    Boss Ps6 or Line6 M5?

    OK OK now i get your question, yes it only glides when pressed, when its on its natural state the sound is undisturbed ( i mean it sounds as if the pedal its off ). And the buffer on this baby its very nice i might add.
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    Boss Ps6 or Line6 M5?

    WELL : 1) Dont understand the question completly ( give more details ) 2) The tracking is very good off course you have to be playing on minor chord etc and never giving a dirty input to this pedal although a little dirt wont hurt it. 3) The warble can be regulated by setting the knob's. You...
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    Boss Ps6 or Line6 M5?

    Try them both. To me the PS-6 works great, please ask me anything you want. Do not trust reviews 100% do them yourself. My set is ( in order from right to left ): Jim Dunlop ZW Wah w/Mod Boss PS-6 Harmonizer Ibanez TS9 Keeley Mod MXR Fullbore Metal TC Electronics Flashback Delay TC Electronics...
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