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    This song....I mean...aren't there laws against this?

    Needs more cowbell.
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    Joni Mitchel, "Clouds", 7/24/22

    Talk about a lyric. Wow. Too bad Prince wasn't around to see that.
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    Does Mick Taylor play on Waiting On A Friend?

    The general feel of the guitar part with the cool notes that accent the chord changes, feels like a sober Keith to me. Not unheard of.
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    335, The One Guitar Most Guitarists Have Only ONE Of

    I have two 335s. I bought one and it really knocked my socks off. I was playing in a band at the time, and so I bought another one to have a back up. I guess I was feeling pretty flush at the time. Anyway, I love them both. The band fell apart but the 335s stayed. I keep them separate, generally...
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    You guys like Georgia Satellites?

    No one is going to confuse them with King Crimson but they are a helluva Rock n'Roll band. I saw them open for the Replacements at the Country Club in Reseda, CA in 1989. Huge guitar sounds. That was a great show from both bands. It really woke me up to the potential of Gibsons and Marshalls...
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    Would you consider Mick Jagger to be a great singer?

    “Singing” is a lot more objective than “voice” is. Is he on pitch? Is he off pitch? In his day, he had great pitch, ergo, good singing. These days, there are some clams. On the other hand he’s not simply a good songwriter or lyricist, he’s amongst the very best. C’mon. Is there a better...
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    Jeff Beck releases new music video (collaboration with Johnny Depp)

    I liked it. Bit of Bowie/Lou Reed and Roger Waters in the song. I loved hearing JB over simple chord changes. Depp's singing voice is in such contrast to what was heard during the trial. I found it off putting, but if I'd of heard it on the radio without knowing it was Depp, I'd be fine with it.
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    Jimmy Page: Am I missing out! Seriously am I?

    I'm not the biggest LZ or Jimmy Page fan, and I think it's because, aside from the over saturation of the band on radio, Page, Plant, Jones and Bonzo were all they needed for composition, but they really needed more musicians to bring it live. I could see at least 2, maybe 3 guitar players...
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    Peter Frampton in review.

    As great a guitar player as there ever was. I saw him at the Greek Theater in L.A. in 2001, and he blew doors. I ran into my old guitar teacher there and after his set we were laughing at how good he was. My brother had some business dealings with him and wrangled Pete in to calling me on my...
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    Why does the Australian accent sound terrible when singing?

    Be yourself, and at the same time, not so f'n hard-headed about what sounds good or bad. Maybe get away from that awful 3 Doors Down song that every cover band attempts. Superman is all about Truth, Justice and the American Way after all. Dave Faulkner of the Hoodoo Gurus always sounded great to...
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    Fender American and Gibson USA: how many of you have BOTH?

    I played one particular Strat for close to 20 years, then bought another Strat. They are home base for sure. These days, I tend to favor Gretsch or a 335. The Gretsch guitars were the gateway drug to getting comfortable on 24 3/4 scale guitars and control knob locations and what have you.
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    Musicians: Introvert or Extrovert

    Lotsa romance about being an introvert. Bordering on ********. If you think about most gigging situations (I'm by no means an expert, but I have done a bit of it) You take the stage, along with a little gang of folks united in purpose, you are armed with an instrument and amplifier, plus a PA...
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    Unmatched power tubes- Anything to worry about?

    What about a cathode bias circuit, such as an AC30?
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    U2 Members Bono and The Edge Impromptu Concert in Ukraine Subway

    99% of U2 bashing is jealousy and delusion. Jealousy of their success, and a delusion that the basher could pull off U2's singing, playing and overall musical product. If they were invited, then good an them for saying yes.
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