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    I think I know why modelling isn't more popular

    Dont get me wrong i love tube amps. But my kemper scratches every itch i have in a way that i can afford
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    Greatest Rock Band To Walk The Earth and why.

    The answer is clearly van halen. Both roth and hagar. Both amazing and completely different
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    What didja get for Xmas?

    Cali 76 compact deluxe some strings and a bottle of lagavulin
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    Do You Think PRS Guitars are Overpriced?

    No. They are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. They might not be your cup of tea but that says nothing of their value would i like for them to be less expensive yes. So i can afford the 594 ive stalked on reverb for 8 months. but they are worth every penny as far as quality and...
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    Is the Coronavirus going to kill off live music for the near future?

    Where did you get those numbers id like to read the article
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    Paul Gilbert, pedals + clean amps, tone's in the fingers/hands, &c.

    Paul Gilbert can play through anything and sound awesome
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    Mesa Lonestar Alternative? Help me pick an amp

    Maybe try a Rivera chubster royale
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    Advice for playing on an open stage in the freezing cold?

    I've done it in the 30's ... Horrible.. Just do everything you can think of to stay warm. Layer some legit underarmor cold gear long Jon's ... Definitely keep your chest cavity warm ...pumps blood to the rest of your body. And your head covered. Because a lot of your body's heat escapes...
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    Carrying your current guitar when shopping

    Yes it's a great idea. Also if you are shopping for an amp play cheap guitars through it. Or if you are shopping for guitars play them through cheaper amps. So you won't be swayed by a nice amp to buy a guitar ...when it's the amp that you are really bonding with.
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    Boost for Friedman Dirty Shirley users

    Wampler tumnus deluxe is my favorite boost.. Tried several otherklons and the wampler works best for me.. ..doesnt fart out.
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    Kemper Performance Banks Walk Thru

    Nice thanks for posting .
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    Played a Fender Tone Master Twin today

    I think that those amps are great and are going to push the hrdlx out the door for a clean grab and go pedal platform. ... Played the reissue next to the tone master. ... There is a slight difference but I believe that's down to the speakers .
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    What's your favorite fender and plexi in one box amp?

    I've tried a few .. Certainly not all .. My favorite would probably be the Shiva 6l6 . and believe it or not a friend of mine had a mark five and it had a great clean and I believe it was the mark I mode that I felt it got really got close to a Marshall sound.. It was one in the second channel...