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    Has anyone compared the Bearfoot 3 knob Model H vs Murder Hornet?

    I’ve watched some videos of the original 3 knob version that sound killer. Has anyone compared them? I have the Murder Hornet, the old pedal seems more raw. I’m wondering if that’s the case. GAS never sleeps.
  2. JoeYello

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    My Eternity has no labels on the knobs.
  3. JoeYello

    FS 2021 PRS Silver Sky - Dodgem Blue, Rosewood Fretboard, Nitro Finish - $2100 Shipped

    I don’t see a price listed. What are you asking for it?
  4. JoeYello

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    I have about a 10 year old Eternity Burst. I played it yesterday and it sounds really good. Is this a Tubescreamer variant? Sounds a lot like my Keeley modded TS-9.
  5. JoeYello

    This Pedal Show band SD-1/TS demo surprised me

    After watching this episode I plugged my Les Paul into the amp with a Keeley modded TS-9. I then thought………Why have I accumulated so many OD pedals? It’s a great sound. I used it for the solos on our EP a few years back.
  6. JoeYello

    Alternative to Joyo American for tweed

    Bearfoot Goldilocks and BJFE Saffron Yellow OD both come to mind. Two of my favorite pedals ever.
  7. JoeYello

    Favorite pedal brands? And least favorite?

    Favorites Bearfoot BJFe One Control Mr Black Lovepedal Paul Cochrane Klon Boss JHS
  8. JoeYello

    OD or AIAB???

    I agree. What I was getting at is if you like your amps tone why turn it into something else? Conversely you may want your amp to sound like something else. I do see a need for both types of drive pedals.
  9. JoeYello

    OD or AIAB???

    So, if you like the tone of your amp should you use an overdrive or an amp in a box? I love the tone of several AIB pedals at bedroom volume but playing with the band I’m thinking it might be better to crank the amp (appropriate sized amp for venue) and hit it with one of the various...
  10. JoeYello

    New Tim by Paul C

    I’m going to need to finish the collection!
  11. JoeYello

    New Tim by Paul C

    The loop is in the boost section so you can add a delay or something when you hit the boost to solo. That’s how I would use it….but everyone has their own thing.
  12. JoeYello

    New Source audio pedal - Reflex 2.0

    It’s a Memory Lane Jr clone.
  13. JoeYello

    Didja get anything cool for Black Friday?

    I’m not familiar with this pedal but it looks really cool.
  14. JoeYello

    Didja get anything cool for Black Friday?

    I got a BJFE Saffron Yellow OD. A $25 savings. A set of Ernie Ball 9.5s were included, a classy touch and the gauge I use most. My OD quest should be over…….since Mr Black started the thread I’ll give props to his JDS-50, an outstanding OD.
  15. JoeYello

    what are your "no go" on pedal choice??

    I couldn’t of said it better…..if it sounds good, I’m good.
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