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    Chibsun Les Paul trying to be sold for $1500 on CL.

    Flag it is probably all you can do I would think
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    Sold 2019 Les Paul Special TV Yellow 7.4lb

    great price on a great guitar! I have one and love it.
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    Sold 2019 Fender Deluxe Reverb Custom '68

    I have one of these great amp!
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    NGD: Gibson LP Special 2019, TV Yellow

    I just bought one and totally agree it’s a great guitar! Good luck with your NGD!
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    2018 Gibson Les Paul Special -- Limited Editions

    I got mine shielded yesterday and it took care of most of the issues.
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    2018 Gibson Les Paul Special -- Limited Editions

    An update on the P90 version I bought last weekend. The guitar plays great and the P90’s are perfect. However there is a bad case of static electricity when you run the back of the body and even the neck. I took it back to GC and tried one that just came out of the box. Same static issues...
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    2018 Gibson Les Paul Special -- Limited Editions

    I just bought the Honeyburst special with P90’s. Nice guitar but it had awful fret sprout from hanging on a wall for a few months. The GC Tech took care of the sprout while I waited. It’s a nice guitar for $999 IMO and mine isn’t very heavy. My only complaint is the bridge pickup is set pretty...
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    Sold Alessandro Working Dog Rottweiler 1x12

    Do you have any pics of the amp? Pm sent
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    Sold Philly Craigslist--Allen Accomplice $900

    1x12 configuration. Extremely clean condition. This is a kit assembled amp NOT made by Allen. Very professional build quality. I had my tech go over it recently and he said the builder knew his stuff. I have included a head shot in the CL ad. Currently set up to run TAD 6L6's for about 35 watts...
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    Sold Agile 3100 Les Paul Honey Burst Beautiful Flame Top $250

    has the crack spread or is it stable? These are great guitars for the $!