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Recent content by John Coloccia

  1. John Coloccia

    Crowning saddle height to match fretboard radius

    Just wanting to give encouragement to dig in and get'r done. :)
  2. John Coloccia

    Crowning saddle height to match fretboard radius

    Hey Thom, When I have bridges that don't have individual height adjustments, I just file things down to where they belong. This isn't rocket science. You know, if anyone ever complained that I "ruined" their bridge, or whatever, I would just buy them a new bridge and be done with it. I've never...
  3. John Coloccia

    Grain fill woes

    Yes, you're very correct. West generally doesn't have any fillers. It's just epoxy. If you want to make a structural epoxy, like the typical epoxy you'd find in a hardware store, you actually have to add some fillers. On it's own, it's terrible for the typical things most people use epoxy for...
  4. John Coloccia

    Grain fill woes

    I like thinned Timbermate, and I usually fill with one coat. I also really like using finishing resin, like the Zpoxy mentioned above. One trick if you use epoxy (and anyone who's done a lot of fiberglass work will attest to this). It's easy to get pin holes. They'll drive you nuts. The epoxy...
  5. John Coloccia

    Combined ground wires

    re: "ground loops" or anything else in "passive" instruments. In what sense can anyone consider an electric guitar a passive instrument? Maybe if you play it acoustically and amplify it with a mic? Otherwise, it's plugged into an amplifier of some kind. Do you think it makes a difference to...
  6. John Coloccia

    Tips for fitting a heel into a neck pocket?

    You haven't convinced me that the neck is misaligned. And even if you had, you haven't convinced me which part is misaligned...the neck or the body. It could be as simple as a poorly cut nut. Please take it to a competent tech to diagnose and figure out. To answer your question directly, a...
  7. John Coloccia

    Who has used the bone dust and glue method on a nut?

    Way better than any other alternative. That said, I can't tell you how many nuts I've thrown out that I've botched up in the process of making them. Nuts are one of those things that separate the amateurs from pros. It's often the difference between a great playing guitar and a dog. For most...
  8. John Coloccia

    Do you use a neck jig for fret leveling & crowning?

    Jig gives at least as good results with a new neck. Supports everything well. I usually didn't use it with new necks because I had supports that fit MY necks well. Jig is a lifesaver with problem repair necks. Holy jesus, the guesswork involved with problem necks if you don't have the jig. Not...
  9. John Coloccia

    Stewmac Fretwire--who makes it?

    I gave up on StewMac wire years and years ago when they flat out refused to simply give me the specs for the wire. Maybe it's changed now, but they outright refused to just give me some basic measurements. Jescar for the win. I love StewMac for a lot of things, but they suddenly turned into a...
  10. John Coloccia

    New Gibby fingerboards and a potential problem

    Good for them. Gibsons have been putting luthier's and tech's children through college since the 60s. Why stop now? They could have at least centered it
  11. John Coloccia

    Choosing replacement locking tuners

    Definitely. Most of the work isn't done by ear...and perhaps I'm being presumptuous how you're doing it, but when I do it most of the work is done by eye. Sometimes by ear by tapping down on the fret and listening for a ping, but full pitch isn't necessary.
  12. John Coloccia

    Choosing replacement locking tuners

    Not to start a "thing", but why do you want to switch to locking tuners? Generally speaking, if you wind the strings properly, there is really no advantage to a locking tuner. 99% of tuning problems are related to the nut, and occasionally the bridge. Even the crappiest tuners will keep a...
  13. John Coloccia

    In Brazil for work. Could I buy some fretboard material and from whom?

    FWIW, I settled on Pau Ferro for my go-to fingerboard. Works beautifully with how I built my necks, for whatever reason. Just always worked and sounded really nice in the finished guitar. And there it is, right? It's all about how the wood matches up with the specific guitar and construction...
  14. John Coloccia

    In Brazil for work. Could I buy some fretboard material and from whom?

    For the benefit of anyone else, what I said was something very close to"OMG, this sounds like a bad idea with very little upside other than being able to say it's made from BR. And also, you might have trouble finding a good luthier willing to touch the stuff from a random guy off the street...
  15. John Coloccia

    In Brazil for work. Could I buy some fretboard material and from whom?

    Nevermind. Deleted my post. No reason to waste my time.