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    Specular Tempus Noise issue

    It's the computer I believe. Mine does that if the pedal is close to the computer, but it's not really loud.
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    FS Paul Reed Smith DGT with upgraded Artist Package

    Hello, I have a used Paul Reed Smith DGT with the upgraded Artist Package. This guitar is in excellent condition but does have your typical play wear on it. This is a very deceiving artist grade top for sure. Your first look might seem like it's subtle but then when you least expect it the top...
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    New gigrig product coming?

    The only weird thing I'm experiencing is when I use a remote switch in stompbox mode sometimes it doesn't toggle bak off and stays programmed (on) in a preset...?
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    New Suhr “Discovery”, analog delay pedal!

    I believe you can also use it as a MIDI controller for other pedals.
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    New Suhr “Discovery”, analog delay pedal!

    I like using the Dunlop Volume X Mini for expression control.
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    New Suhr “Discovery”, analog delay pedal!

    I believe the Leslie effect is demonstrated here in the video.
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    Sold GigRig Power Accessories Package-Timelords/Isolators/Distributors

    Hello, I have these accessories from The GigRig up for sale as a package deal. There are 12 power cables that are completely unused and the rest of them are probably usable to a certain degree. All the units are in perfect working condition. You do need a Generator in order to use this system...
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    Questions regarding Temple Audio boards

    I couldn't stand those mounting plates. And if you try to move your pedals around you better hope they line up in the proper holes. If you have something mounted underneath you can't mount a plate in that area because of the mounting screw. I started to use velcro after awhile, but I just got...
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    New gigrig product coming?

    I submitted the same idea as well. I think they have options available and are brain storming on this situation. I would like to be able to use a double foot switch through the bank jack that gives me the ability to go up and down without the hold function. Maybe they can offer the ability to...
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    New gigrig product coming?

    As I'm using the G3 I just can't stop thinking why didn't they just divide the bank button into two smaller buttons? Use the same button size as they do for the normal loop buttons and have arrow up/arrow down? Going down the banks is a real hassle.
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    Sold Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station Pedal

    Hello, I have a Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station for sale. This pedal is in excellent condition and has velcro on the bottom. Comes with original box and packaging. Asking $350.00 shipped in the USA lower 48 only. Keep in mind this pedal doesn't come with power supply or usb cable.