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  1. johnhenry

    FS Epiphone Tuners

    Complete set from reissue Riviera. Barely used and work perfectly, however I decided to go with tulip style. $60 all in. PM with questions or for pix. thx
  2. johnhenry

    FS Epiphone Riviera Minihumbuckers

    I have a set with original harness from a brand new reissue Riviera. Comes with pickup rings. Honestly, I was surprised by how good these sounded, but I had another set ready to go so I swapped them out. $120 all in. PM with questions or for pix. thx
  3. johnhenry

    West Coast Blues Thread Version 19

    while we're on harp stuff, i came across this recently and thought i'd share (plus you can donate to the cause). for my money Kim Wilson continues to make some of the best music today, and am always amazed by the players he surrounds himself with. which brings me to my real point for...
  4. johnhenry

    Jimi Hendrix – Where or how can you watch him playing live?

    this may be my favorite despite its poor quality (and erroneous title). as they say, nothing comes out of the air.
  5. johnhenry

    West Coast Blues Thread Version 19

    boy howdy. on a related note, i came across Jonathan Stout over the past year. he's a truly impressive player in the CC style (with beautiful vintage gear to boot). i don't recall seeing his name come up here before, but he has a bunch of youtube vids-- some instructional, a few live with his...
  6. johnhenry

    Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?

    i bet Robyn does.
  7. johnhenry

    Best vacuum cleaners for families with young kids

    more Neil (yup). Broken Arrow probably contains as many as any pop song i can think of.
  8. johnhenry

    Lesser known blues talent

    previously mentioned but worth repeating— Joel Paterson. the man is a treasure. also the criminally under appreciated John Mooney. a great slide player and singer who literally learned from Son House.
  9. johnhenry

    Monster Mike Welch - Black Magic Woman

    ridiculously good. can't count have many times I've watched this.
  10. johnhenry

    My Favorite Slide Tone Ever

    search ‘Martin Mull sing the blues 1987’ on YouTube and begin around the 3:00 mark.
  11. johnhenry

    Sold 1930's National Tricone Style 1 Roundneck guitar

    wow, my eyes have seen the glory...
  12. johnhenry

    Train Kept a Rollin

    actually they kinda 're-worked' it and called it Stroll On.
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