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    BJFE Pine Green Comp. - Wow!

    They are different circuits...and the MPFG has a sustain mode. The PGC adds a beautiful sweetness to the tone that i've never heard from another pedal before.
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    do all ASW's sound bad when played quietly???

    Hey Aaron- No, i've never owned any ASW speakers....but I am thinking about filling a 4x12 with KTS-60's...and I need a speaker that will sound great at gigs, but also at bedroom levels in my i'm interested in hearing others experiences at all volume levels...esp the kts60's.
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    do all ASW's sound bad when played quietly???

    bump, i'd be interested in this info as well!:munch
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    70's Bludo

    congrats! Of all the ODS circuits that i've ever heard, I love the 70's the best! Did you go with the NOS parts option? Enjoy!
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    What do I need to do if I buy a pedal in the Emporium?

    Couple words of advice: 1.) Ask for references of board members that they have had positive transactions with and then follow up. 2.) Ask if they have an ebay account, and check their feedback (past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior). 3.) Only pay via paypal...It gives you the...
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    Smashing Pumpkins JCM 800 tone help question

    I would try setting your JCM800 to get the biggest clean tone that you can get. Then i'd get a Stomp Under Foot Pumpkin Pi Fuzz, a small stone phaser set really slow, and use a strat. That should get you in the ball park you're looking for.
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    So who actually GOT a Timeline from TGP?

    I picked one up, can't wait!:band
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    Bludotone at NY Amp Show "I hate you guys!"

    Thanks for the reply! I'll have to contact Brandon and see what its all about!
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    Bludotone at NY Amp Show "I hate you guys!"

    What model is the Osiris based on? It sounds right up my alley!
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    Top three small builder guitars you wouldq love to try

    1.) Gil Yaron 2.) D'pergo 3.) Fano :drool
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    strymon timeline

    I wasn't that excited about this pedal when I first heard about it, but the more i've read, and the more clips i've heard i've come to the realization that this is going to be one deeeeeeep delay pedal. I can't wait to get one of these and run it into the Eventide Space....that combination will...
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    Eventide Space or Strymon Blue Sky?

    I've had both, and I prefer the Space...I have hated the shimmer effects on the BSR and superdelay when I had them...I expected to hate the shimmer on the space as well, but I actually really like it....It sounds a lot more natural and can be dialed in in a more subtle pleasing way that blends...
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    Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion

    i've heard it described as being in the JCM800 ball park...If you are looking for 80's i'd go with the MRD...if you are going for a more modern sound, check out their new SGD. It's based off the BJFe CHII and its awesome ;)
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