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Recent content by JohnSS

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    floating pickup for acoustic guitar help needed

    I use the Dean Markley humbucker version on my Austin OM. Sounds good through the D.I. and I use a small solid state Epiphone amp with gain turned up when I want an old school bluesy jazz sound. As Walter states, you can get the Lightin' Hopkins sound, or Charlie Christian type tone from that...
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    Bringing life to a dead accoustic?

    80/20 strings, which have more zing to them, should also help.
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    Nice Looking White Acoustic Guitar...

    Breedlove Pursuit model comes in white.
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    Some suggestions for a cheap acoustic?

    If your tastes lean more towards a darker sound, you might want to look at Mahogany topped guitars. In your price range, used solid top Ibanez, Fender, Alvarez, Washburn, Tanglewood, Takamine, and Art & Luthierie (cheaper sister model of Seagull) can be had. If solid spruce sounds ok, Yamaha...
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    Guitar Recommendation For Electric Player

    If anything, Rosewood will give you more low end overtones. As others have cited, mahogany is a more MOR tonewood. If you want brighter sounding, you may want to check out maple. That said, $1500 is a good budget for a wide range of quality acoustic choices, though I would lean more towards...
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    A little acoustic guitar help......

    Guild Westerly or GAD series, both made in China, have excellent QC and tone. You might want to check which jumbo tonewoods you prefer as well. For maple, Guild, Alvarez, Takamine, and Epiphone all offer choices. Seagulls come in mahogany and cherry. Guilds also have rosewood and mahogany, I...
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    I don't like G&L pickups: Unpopular Opinion?

    Love the MFDs in my G&L ASAT swamp ash Special. With full bass, I can get a Jazzmaster sound. With tone at mid point, I can get a Firebird or P-90 sound and full treble gets me a Tele. I can use the ASAT for multiple overdubs and it sounds like a bunch of different guitars. Use them with a...
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    What's the current status of Ovation?

    Other Ovation endorsees have included Adrian Legg, Joan Armatrading, Glen Campbell, Preston Reed, and others.
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    Tips for recording acoustic solos

    Try combining a near pencil condenser aimed towards the bridge with a far LDC mic about 2-3' away and run them both through a stereo compressor with a moderate ratio not more than 8:1. The pencil mic will highlight pick attack while the LDC will get the room reflections and depth of the instrument.
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    Best solid wood acoustic for the money..

    I think the Guild Westerley series, Epi Masterbuilt and Alvarez models are all worth consideration/
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    Opinions of 1979 Gibson P90s?

    I own a Norlin era Les Paul TV Special circa 1978-79 and the Soapbars sound great.
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    Norlin wine, or not?

    I own a Norlin era 1979 Les Paul TV Special DC reissue. Great guitar. IMO, Norlin era was a hit or miss for Gibson electrics. At that time, people though heavier meant better sustain, hence the 13 lb Les Pauls. Some good models: LP Deluxe, L5-S, Les Paul Artisan, ES-335, 345 and 355 models...
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    T-REX pedals, anyone?

    I use the Octavius. Much better than the POG. I also use the Tonebug Chorus-Flanger, and have the Tonebug Phaser, Reverb and Totenschlager on hand for special sounds. The Totenschlager actually sounds good for blues and slide through an SS amp, even though it's designed for metal.
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    How about a Peavey Bandit 75 for jazz?

    Agreed. My Bandit 65 sounds great for all styles of music.
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    Loudest Solid State Combo, 1 or 2x12...

    Loudest SS amp with clean headroom I have played is a H&K Warp 7.