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Recent content by Jon

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    Mind/Brain exercises for better technique/dexterity?

    And he still sounded better than me :-(
  2. J

    Are there any essential books for learning how to solo better?

    When people say they can't solo very well I always think a good test is to ask if they can sing/hum a solo ok - if not then it's a question of building a vocabulary, which is probably best done by learning loads and loads of other people's solos and phrases. If they can, but can't translate that...
  3. J

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    Barber Direct Drive Dual Channel - I've got two so I set one for lower gain and one higher - and I can stack them so it gives me 3 rhythm OD levels and 3 lead ones
  4. J

    Have you improved your technique at a later age?

    My technical ability with lead playing has improved over the last 6 months (I'm 57) - I've been practicing economy picking and 3-note-per string pentatonics (and 3-note-per string blues scale as per one of Paul Gilbert's old videos) for around an hour most mornings, as well as practicing...
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    How would you structure a 2 and a 1/2 hour practice session?

    I would spend all your practice time learning Clapton and Hendrix songs and solos by ear, recording as you go.
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    Playing sitting ... Wearing a strap. How?

    I'm 6'4" and if I play with the guitar on my knee, I find that I'm constantly leaning slightly forward - fine for short periods but I'll get back ache over longer periods. If it's on the right knee I find I'm also slightly twisted to the right. On the left is better but I prefer to have the...
  7. J

    J Rocket Dude vs. Barber Small Fry / Burn Unit

    Well personally I really like Barber pedals - the only time I've sold them was to make way for others - e.g sold a Direct Drive to get a DD/DC and an LTD to get a Half Gainer - they do what I want them to.
  8. J

    Do I need a Thunderbolt audio interface?

    As soon as I realised it wasn't working, I went to the RA website to download drivers, and found this (already posted a rant about this on another thread lol): NOTE: MACOS 10.15 CATALINA COMPATIBILITY INFO Apple released their newest operating system in October of 2019, macOS 10.15. Currently...
  9. J

    Do I need a Thunderbolt audio interface?

    ?? - the issue is it doesn't work.
  10. J

    Do I need a Thunderbolt audio interface?

    I'm using a late 2014 iMac which has Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3, recording into Logic Pro X. My audio interface is a thunderbolt-equipped Resident Audio T2 which doesn't now work with OS Catalina (and RA don't seem in a hurry to release drivers that will allow it to work) so I need to look at a new...
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    Metronome question

    You could try this? https://www.kropinski.com/english/timing-problems-getting-in-time-helps/
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    Resident Audio T2 on MacOS 10.15

    Aha - that's exactly the kind of insight I was hoping for - thank you for that :)
  13. J

    Resident Audio T2 on MacOS 10.15

    Thanks - the M4 is USB rather than thunderbolt though isn't it?
  14. J

    Resident Audio T2 on MacOS 10.15

    I guess not lol... I'll just talk to myself then :) "Well Jon, I think that Resident Audio are definitely going downhill and don't seem to have released any new products in a long time. I would certainly look at Focus for a new interface - more expensive but you get what you pay for" "Thank...
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    Resident Audio T2 on MacOS 10.15