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    need help with a good starter turntable setup

    Rega planer 2 - rega brio r @50w per channel and some high sensitivity speakers? Maybe something with a horn? A decent 100w per channel amp will run you out of budget unless you don’t mind regular consumer products in that case a large plain Yamaha amp may do it
  2. J

    High res media players for a Mac

    Thankyou all very much for your advice/reply’s - much appreciated
  3. J

    High res media players for a Mac

    I’m using an Apollo interface to Mac - Apollo has sends to my active Yamaha speakers—- the Apollo can do the 24/192 thing - it has a good dac—-I listen to albums as well on my studio computer in that room——-as for the Linn that’s just running my analogue gear and cdp in another room - I’ll use...
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    High res media players for a Mac

    Where’s the best place to buy the 24/192 albums?? Then once I’ve purchased an album it downloads to the Mac/iTunes 1st or I can choose it to go into Vox medial player?? Thank you I’m naive
  5. J

    High res media players for a Mac

    Do you order music off their site? Or is it another site you download music off and use audirvana purely as a media player??? J
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    High res media players for a Mac

    Hi - I’m new to this so thought I’d ask - I’ve got a Linn hifi in living room for the Turntable —- I’ve also got a Mac in my studio for digital listening - I have been thinking about downloading a hi res media player and ordering some 24/192 music on it. What’s the best media player to...
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    PSA: New Suhr SE100 UAD plugin

    That’s exactly exactly what I said —- it’s amazing
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    Integrated amp with minimal inputs

    Yes - just looked at the Sphinx v2 and the cronus
  9. J

    Integrated amp with minimal inputs

    Currently looking to replace my aging Linn pretek/Powertek combo -(sounds congested and weak - doesn’t like busy music ) I would like an amp with an awesome phono stage and 1/2 line inputs - real minimalist amp - I use a Rega p1 TT and Kef q300 speakers - listen to hard rock predominantly
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    57 Classic's -Overly bright bridge, Overly dark neck. Alternative pickups?

    I'm a few years behind on this post but just read it ------ I have 57s in my custom shop plain top - love the 57 but it's peircingly too bright even with the original 300k pots - I had an EMerson kit installed and for $90 ( price of some pedals or close) it really opened up my guitar and was...
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    Marshall 2555 jubilee channel 1 problem

    Swapped pre tubes - no change - and whilst I was playing the volume dipped down and back up a bit
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    Marshall 2555 jubilee channel 1 problem

    Question for Jube owners or techs of Marshall ---- I have a black 2555 Marshall jubilee -the overdrive channel sounds phenomenal but when I click on the clean channel it only sometimes sounds like it should - most of the time the clean is flat and a tad fizzy -defiantly not its normal self --...
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    Marshall guys...Jubilee question.

    I got a black 2555 with 6550s in it - the low end is massive /wide through my greenback 4x12
  14. J

    Universal Disc players....Oppo or Cambridge?

    I'm in a similar boat - don't play any analogue on the downstairs rig- thinking of getting the oppo - hooking direct to my poweramp - use the oppo for a preamp/ cd player / DVD player / dac for external device----- $1300 ain't bad considering what it is amd what all the separates would cost you...
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