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    Which is more important “Feel” or “Tone”?

    feel for me. i can't remember ever having a guitar that i thought sounded just horrible. i'm not a player that carries multiple guitars to a gig. i will tweak my rig according to my main guitar. if i carried 3-4 different types of guitars, tone may be more important.
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    PRS 2021 lineup guesses

    except guitars that i want!!:eek:
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    Guitar Center is preparing to potentially file for bankruptcy

    i would think that's gonna be felt by a lot of companies
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    PRS those dang birds got loose.

    i'm a prs fan, but in the past few years i have seen some private stock guitars that are extremely ugly. they kind of remind me of someone letting their 4 year old child decorate their home.
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    Tom Anderson Vintage Trem, what exactly it is?

    iirc, it is a 2 1/16 string spacing like the old trem they used to use.
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    PRS McCarty Goldtop, old Birds P-90s and Tremolo ?

    you still have this guitar?
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    Reverb alternatives?

    i got on gbase last week, and boy has it gotten stale. i remember when i visited it pretty regularly, it seemed much better.
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    To the "tone is in the fingers" people: stop responding to gear related questions please.

    just my opinion, but after playing for years & years, players tend to adjust gear until it sounds like the tone they want to hear. at least that's how it is for me. i do think there are better versions of me though!
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    Examples of Great Clean Tone from Humbuckers?

    look up shawn tubbs on youtube. he gets what i feel are great cleans with a slightly gritty amp, and just playing dynamics.
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    Do you have "your own tone"?

    i pretty much sound like me through any rig. about 20 years ago, i was working at chemical plant. i came in 1st thing in the morning, and the night shift had an area country station going in the background. as i was making relief with the other guy working the area i was, i could barely hear...
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    After not being a goldtop fan...after getting one...I've seen the light!

    total goldtop fanatic here!! i'm also a prs player, so take that as you want :D
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    Discovered I HATE tall-skinny frets!

    i've got 1 neck with 6105's and it definitely can hurt my fingers. to me, 6150 or 6100' are like driving over speed bumps where 6105's are like driving over curbs.
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    Steve Vai Weighs in on Modelling

    i watched this other morning...i'm still waiting for the interview. that was an infomercial on vai branded products.
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    Elliot Easton Kramer

    sorry to bump a 7 year old thread, but i've always been interested in these. were the bodies downsized like the dinky shape, or were they std strat size? they look like the horns are pointier, but not thinned like the andersons & suhrs.
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    Any love for the PRS DGT with a wrap tail bridge?

    although i've never owned a dgt hardtail, i did own mccartys with and without a trem. the wraptail had more mids to it. i preferred the trem models, they were just more of what i was looking for. a little more zing and clarity. these were with the stock mccarty pickups. those were pretty...