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    Some John Farnham to ease lockdown woes

    Live music performances have been almost totally banned in Singapore since April 2020. We streamed this live a few weeks ago. Enjoy.
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    The Seekerssss

    Dug out this evergreen tune for our jam. Overdubbed the leads at home.
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    Finally able to jam in person!

    Here's another one! Brings back memories of watching that really sad animated film about the dinosaurs.
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    Cheesy solos from the 80s

    Thank you. Yes I do find it rushed, I was just too lazy to retake :P
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    Cheesy solos from the 80s

    But so, so good. Here's me trying to pretend to be Michael Landau. Off Michael Bolton's version of the song.
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    Finally able to jam in person!

    Thanks! Got a few more on the way too. Playing together sure beats recording alone in our own homes.
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    Finally able to jam in person!

    Worked with one of my singers to make a bunch of videos after C19 restrictions were slightly eased in Singapore. Gigs and concerts are still banned, but at least we're able to meet up with people outside our household... and this was one of the results.
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    From quarantine, an apt song for the times

    This was recorded quite a while back, but I've only just been able to publish it since it was being used for another event. I hope you all like it!
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    Guitar, another traditional Eastern instrument, English classical music

    This piece probably needs no introduction. I'm no classical guitarist, but classical music is my first love (both tuneful pieces like this as well as harder edged works from Schoenberg, Penderecki, Shostakovich etc). The solo part here is played on a dizi, a transverse bamboo flute often used...
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    From quarantine, an apt song for the times

    Updating this thread with a not so serious video, but a fun song to play. Don't mind the outfit ;)
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    A classic, but played on the wrong guitar

    Because I still haven't repaired my 6 string, thanks to Singapore's lockdown. Enjoy!
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    Blending the guitar with a traditional Eastern instrument

    Thanks guys. I think we all need such music at a time like this.
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    Blending the guitar with a traditional Eastern instrument

    I did this over the weekend with a good friend playing the erhu. The erhu is a two-string bowed instrument roughly analogous to the violin, tuned to D4 and A4 (middle two strings of the violin). The "er" in erhu literally means "two". I thought the sound of the erhu was very apt for the message...
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    Some Strats have 7 strings (please don't flame me!)

    Thanks! I find the extra string to be a useful tool to explore different chord voicings (such as here), and not just limited to low djent-y stuff. And it doesn't drastically affect the ergonomics of a guitar compared to a 6. You should try it!
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