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    2021 in gear: Best guitar, biggest surprise, biggest epiphany!

    The last quarter of 2021 was a reminder that I have the guitars I need for the gigs I’m doing. And if I stay busy gigging I won’t care about other guitars I don’t have. It also showed me 3 of my 5 guitars are just toys when I’m bored. They never go to my gigs except churches on occasion, but...
  2. jrjones

    SE Silver Sky - not interested

    Cool story bro!
  3. jrjones

    What's everyone rocking this weekend?

    My music man Valentine! I’m about to go hop in the shower to get ready for this morning.
  4. jrjones

    How do you get "THAT" stratocaster sound?

    Sounds like a strat into a clean amp with a fuzz pedal out front with the fuzz turned way down.
  5. jrjones


    Niiice! If you need some space feel free to send me the second one for safe keeping.
  6. jrjones

    Expensive guitar owners...

    Collectors keep the market moving! And folks who can’t afford or won’t spend the money on those guitars sometimes have a chip on their shoulder that someone they deem less deserving of owning those guitars.
  7. jrjones

    Let’s see those USA Kramers

    I paid $500 for it 20 years ago. 10 years ago I put it on eBay for $750 buy it now and it was sold in 20 minutes. A local shop has an 83 pacer that’s 3 different kinds of beat to hell and wants $1500 for it. It’s crazy.
  8. jrjones

    High-end guitars opinions

    Ya know…I’ve played a LOT of guitars. And owned quite a few. But when it comes time to go play and do things that make me money my music man guitars are the guitars that get taken out. I’d say they’re on par with any of the other brands mentioned here. If you want to feel like you’re getting...
  9. jrjones

    How do you feel about Figured maple necks?

    I LOVE the roasted neck on my Valentine! Check it out!
  10. jrjones

    LP pickups

    I hear you…and honestly if you compared the ridiculously good deal I got on it to what they’re listed at on reverb your eyes would bug out of your head. But the guy who gave me a deal made the deal with an agreement that in 40 years I’d find an equally deserving kid and make them a deal. On one...
  11. jrjones

    Let’s see those USA Kramers

    I had a 85 Pacer Carrera as my first nice guitar. I’ve been thinking about buying another but holy cow prices have really gone nuts.
  12. jrjones

    LP pickups

    Okay guys I have a 79 LPC Silverburst. This guitar is all original to the point it had the original strings on it when I got it 5 years ago. I love the guitar but it seems like sometimes when I plug it in it feels a little compressed. Do I…. A - deal with it because it’s all original B -...
  13. jrjones

    Greetings from Arkansas

    Welcome! Another Arkansas here! Lots of cool folks here and tons of knowledge. Some household names lurking too.
  14. jrjones

    NGD:1st Hollowbody

    That’s sharp! Congrats!
  15. jrjones

    The Gratification of Doing Your Own Electronic Work On Your Guitars

    I much prefer the gratification of dropping it off at the tech and picking it up a few days later done without having to mess with the mods myself.
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