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Recent content by jrkoosh

  1. jrkoosh

    Fly Away - Larkin Poe

    just discovered them from the Chasing Frets podcast. blown away and have been on a big youtube jag. I bought the new cd out tomorrow
  2. jrkoosh

    Help for Roots/country blues sound with LoneStar Special?

    I have been mostly using my channel 1 for the past 10 years, but I am starting to play some more roots blues music/country blues. The tone here from the rhythm is what I am going for - they are both using Fenders, so I know this is achievable, esp once I drop D my strat or Les Paul. Any tips or...
  3. jrkoosh

    Who's your favorite YouTube and Social Media Guitar Influencer?

    Little Tommy Bukovac Tim Pierce Guthrie Trapp Corey Congillio- just started getting his presence going. great guy and monster player. gearhead too
  4. jrkoosh

    Hollowbodies or guitars with Asymmetrical necks?

    Background- I love my LP 2008 Standard's neck. It plays super easy and fast. However, for my current band, I am either playing music that's best used with a strat or 335. But those necks are just not as fun to play for me. Are there other guitars that are either strat like or hollowbody/semi...
  5. jrkoosh

    PTD Kush just kicked all my drives off my nano+

    yup- It's a very easy pedal to dial in and set it/forget it. Still have on a board for an always on delay
  6. jrkoosh

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    I just wound up grabbing a great clean tone from Clifford-D and use my dirt pedals. I tried all of the Juca models, and its great when I need a Marshall tone, but besides that I go back to sounding like myself
  7. jrkoosh

    Geddy Lee...

    and I love how he does all of what your bringing up here:
  8. jrkoosh

    Geddy Lee...

    I have been watching a bunch of those "first reaction " videos, and they are super complimentary to Geddy. My first concert was Rush on Power Windows, but I stopped listening in the 2000's. I really like catching up on the catalog, and miss them. Will Geddy every play with Alex? Even as a duo?
  9. jrkoosh

    Amp that is a “Better” blues jr?

    will all of these suggestions go over drums? I am sick of carrying Mesa Lonestar at 70 pounds, but not liking the KAtana sound
  10. jrkoosh

    Lone Star Special Settings

    Resurrecting the thread....Is there a guide for what the manual's sample settings sound like? BBQ? I am essentially looking for a sample setting that is close to Zep/classic rock tones when playing a 335 or Les Paul type guitar
  11. jrkoosh

    Earthquaker Devices Plumes

    my only problem with this pedal is deciding which mode to stay with! I am playing it into a clean amp, and try to go for a fat Trey Anastasio tone. But damn, all those modes sound amazing!
  12. jrkoosh

    Looking For The Right Mesa Boogie (The Great Mesa Boogie Hunt)

    this is very interesting to me. I love my LSS, but I don't feel like lugging around a 75 pound amp every time I want to play. I have a Katana but it just doesn't have the tone. How easy is that Fillmore for grab and go?
  13. jrkoosh

    Looking For The Right Mesa Boogie (The Great Mesa Boogie Hunt)

    Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb was the main amp during that time. I saw a TON of shows in that time frame. What a sound
  14. jrkoosh

    Looking For The Right Mesa Boogie (The Great Mesa Boogie Hunt)

    Are you in a situation where you are being paid to sound like Jerry or Trey? Like a touring cover band? If so, I can understand the hyper-analysis. Otherwise, get the Mark III or V. My fave tone was summer 15- https://treysguitarrig.com/2015/07/21/2015-summer-tour/ I saw a great Phish cover...
  15. jrkoosh

    My current favorite blues guitarist is Josh Smith

    Caught him in Boston twice- once at a clinic and then the show. He only had a trio, which I loved because he was playing like a monster to cover the space. It was such a great show. Live recording out soon should be great!