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    Your favorite REM song?

    Automatic for the People, Monster, and New Adventures in Hi Fi were huge albums for me, but I dig their whole catalog. Some favorites:
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    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    I wasn't a huge VH (the band) fan, but totally respected his playing and technical contributions. My first tube amp was a Peavey 5150 combo. It was awesome, just a bit much for my needs, so I ended up not keeping it. This sucks. I always enjoyed reading his interviews back in the 90s when I...
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    One guitar? Two guitars? 27 Guitars?

    This is how I am. I go through Strat phases, Tele phases, Les Paul phases, Ibanez phases, acoustic phases, and lately I've been enamored with my Gretsch Electromatic Jet. I'm done selling guitars at this point. I like all of mine too much. And I got tired of thinking I should be embarrassed...
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    Kenny Wayne Sheppard Signature Strat

    That's a sharp looking guitar. That color is a definite chef's kiss for me. If I didn't already have a few Strats, I'd be gassing for this one. If this were a hardtail with all the other specs staying the same, I might already be hooked. Honestly, I don't get some of the animus towards sig...
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    90’s Guitar Solos .Great, mainstream, but...

    I actually disagree with the idea of them being mainstream at this point. Nothing else at the time sounded like Achtung Baby. The "hair band" era was still winding down and grunge was just starting to take off. Pop like Madonna and Paula Abdul was still going strong. I still remember buying...
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    JAPANESE GUITARS: I Am Curious As To the TGP Connunity's Experience With Japanese Guitars

    I picked this up off of Reverb almost 2 years ago. It's a beast. Hard to tell what's original to it. The bridge pickup is an unstamped SD Duncan Distortion with a label on it. The neck pickup is not only unstamped, but not labeled, either. It sounds like a Jazz to me, but who knows? I...
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    Which Make And Model Pick Do You Use?

    Started using these just over a year ago. Favorite pick ever in just over 2 decades of playing. I'm not sure I can really explain why, just that they feel more right to me than all the other picks I've ever used. Full disclosure, I've never used a boutique pick, my experience is with other...
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    90’s Guitar Solos .Great, mainstream, but...

    I've always liked the slide solo in Mazzy Star's 'Fade Into You'. Builds nicely on the repeating riff in the song. The Edge has some great stuff in 90s era U2 as well.
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    Your most unique?

    That Godin is hella sexy.
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    What's your favorite nut?

    I'm an almond guy myself, especially the honey roasted variety. As far as guitars go, I've really never worried about it too much. Synthetic bone is nice. My new Epi Les Paul Studio has a GraphTech nut I really like. I'm going to try bone on my next acoustic guitar. Most of my guitars are...
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    Your most unique?

    My 1970s Conqueror LP lawsuit guitar. I changed the pickguard, knobs, tuners, and truss rod cover and added the Dana/Zuul poker chip. The bridge pickup is an unstamped Seymour Duncan Distortion with label indicating it was wound by Maricela Juarez. The neck pickup is also unstamped, but also...
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    As much as I want to be a ____ player , I always end up being a ____ player

    I had designs of being a technical player like Joe Satriani, but I'm much more of a meat and potatoes rhythm player. Nothing wrong with that. I don't have much head for theory and my dexterity was never at that level, even before arthritis set in.
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    Which decade influenced your guitar purchases ?

    The 90s, but my favorite artists at the time were the Stones, U2, ZZ Top, Midnight Oil, Gov't Mule, Neil Young, Los Lobos, Springsteen, Prince, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, and others. The Stones are still my favorite band and Keith and Billy Gibbons have probably played an outsize influence...

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