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    How many of you buys pedals without trying them first?

    I don't go into local music stores. Worked at one (and don't want to go back) and the other one is a Guitar Center, which I received more than my share of insults from over the years. The usual "here let me get a teenager to help you, they know more than you" bs.
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    What is the best of the best Colorsound Overdriver type pedal?

    There's also the ProAnalog, no personal experience.
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    Order of delays

    Faster brighter delay into darker slower delay. I don't tap so i can't help you there.
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    Why do about 95% of pedals...

    Most important reason is it's easier to replace. All switches go bad with enough use.
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    Source Audio Nemesis Delay

    I've been dealing with a lot of health issues lately, my time and energy to actually play has been flagging quite a bit so I haven't been keeping up with the latest... any word on when the desktop editor for Windows will be available? I never liked the app, always seemed hit and miss with me.
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    Shoegazing with only 3 pedals?

    Sorry, non boutique choices (didn't see the caveat). Rat > Digitech Supernatural > Way huge Echo Puss
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    Anyone stack two big reverbs together?

    Reverb > Delay > Reverb really expands them out for ambient stuff, wish I thought of stacking reverbs earlier.
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    PSA on Turbo Tuner battery life

    TT isn't pushing a buffer like the Boss is. Wouldn't get as good battery life anyway.
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    9.5's seem inconsistent

    All strings have a certain variation. Depends on how seriously the string makers take their testing. On average it should work out.
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    Don't you wish there was a standalone Strymon Flint (reverb only)?

    Good idea for Strymon, not sure it's possible given their design philosophy. Might be stuck because of expensive components. There's plenty of great reverb pedals out there tho. Supernatural has kept me happy for a while.
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    Strymon Timeline in 2017

    Different flavors for different folks. I run everything in front of my amps, AC30 or Bassman depending on what my ears like. Imo the TL doesn't do very well with my amps, but if put it in a decent effects loop it sounds pretty good.
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    Ya know what's a good od pedal?

    Cool, I'll go get one for my 65 Bassman. :p
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    Fuzz experts (especially BAT users) I need your advice...

    I had a run in with the owner, so I hate suggesting anything by them... but the Black Forest will be the perfect compliment to it. It's EQ section is DEEP. You can go as doomy or ear splitting crispy as you want. Gain goes all the way from clean, to mid/high gain, but it stacks like a dream. I...
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    What's Your Favorite Chorus Sound?

    Ibanez CS9 Reissue with the rate maxed and depth around 2 o'clock. No vid, but it sounds exactly like a Strymon Lex on a similar fast speed. Imo if you like Rotary/Leslie pedals and you don't run stereo and don't need slow speed, a good chorus is all you need. I also used a Analogman Chorus...
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    I've been bit by the Fuzz bug-Your 3 essential Fuzz Pedals

    Muff: Pelican Noiseworks Pelitaur or Wren Eye See Pi Fuzz Face: Dunlop JHF1 Jimi fuzz (big box) Other: BAT Black Forest (Colorsound Overdriver inspired)