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    The Beatles - Get Back (Peter Jackson film)

    This gives me a competely different view of John. I have always seen/known him as the very serious type. This is like a complete 180 of what I thought he was like.
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    Bogner 20th Shiva vs Bogner Ecstasy 3534..

    Ended up getting a Fractal FM3. I started took for a desktop amps and it fit perfectly. I now play though headphones 80% of the time.
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    Favourite Guitar Tone?

    EVH - Brown Sound Randy Rhoads live tone from June 81 through September 81- He left the chorus on all the time throughout this period. His tone was very glassy sounding during this time period.
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    How is Epiphone achieving these price points? New '59 LPS w/ Burstbuckers for $799

    They are achieving these prices because what they are paying for parts, labor and logistics is lower than the retail price. :) Realistically guitar parts are very cheap to make, it all comes off a manufacturing line where they could pump out thousands a day if they wanted to. I would think the...
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    Gibson LP Jr fretboard looks dry.. should I buy?

    Looks like the fretboard was sanded
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    Fractal is the only device that sells for equal to or more than you originally paid.

    I purchased an Axe FX III + FC12 in June 2019. I sold them both a couple months ago for $3600+ :D Today I ordered an FM3 so I am basically getting it for free ;)
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    What’s the LP weigh???

    I’m the opposite, I likely won’t entertain an LP if it’s under 10lbs.
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    Your favorite Van Halen song?

    Probably Drop Dead Legs or I’ll Wait
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    What was the "good wood" era?

    I always think of good wood as sustaining only, not tone. The general tone of the wood should be be the same across all quality of wood no matter how dense it is, mahogany is mahogany etc.., to a degree of course. To test how good a guitar sustains compared to other I always imagined having...
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    ChaseBliss/Benson Automatone Preamp MKII is here.

    It's the perfect mashup of simplicity + technology. I think its my next pedal! I wonder if all his future pedals will follow this format? It seems too perfect not to. I did read though that they are very tedious to build so it may not be possible.
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    Reverb alternatives?

    I think the next thing down from Reverb/Ebay is what we already have here at the TGP. The next logical step for TGP to make it an official buy & sell store similar to Ebay and Reverb. The only difference is that neither reverb or eBay have communities like this (to my knowledge) and it will...
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    Fractal Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Even happier now that I sold my III + FC12 for $3600 a couple months ago.
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    Your Prettiest Guitar

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    Guitar Center just hacked their COVID-19 return policy

    Makes more sense to me for guitars. Realistically the return policy on a guitar should be anywhere from 3-7 days. I mean come on most people will know within a few hours if they like it or not. This mainly applies to online purchases. If you purchase in store then I would easily be ok with a...