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    Am I the only guy here who doesn't have the ABSOLUTE best stuff???

    I have a bunch of Chinese pedals and my main amp is a Monoprice. Ok, I do have an American Strat and an old Guild acoustic.
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    Please help me choose a Telecaster bridge pickup

    Bootstrap Pretzel
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    Reaper...removing count from intro

    I just trimmed the count from the intro by highlighting the area and selecting "remove items...etc". It sounds perfect when I play it in Reaper, but when I render it to create a file it cuts off a tiny bit at the beginning. Any ideas?
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    Events In Your Life That Made You a Better Musician

    Me too. At first it seemed like a fun way to loosen up and didn't seem to affect my playing. Forty years later I couldn't do anything without it, and I couldn't do anything very well. Now at 62, and sober, I enjoy playing and music more than I ever have.
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    Confession: Lady Gaga

    I agree, shes great.
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    Amp that is a “Better” blues jr?

    I have the Monoprice and really like it too. I like the Blues Junior as well though. The Monoprice is much more British sounding.
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    VOX Cambridge 50

    How about a 50 or 100 watt version if the Pathfinder?
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    For those who were teens in ‘77, what was your reaction to Never Mind The Bollocks?

    I liked the energy. I find it difficult to listen to more than a couple of songs now.
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    Rod Stewart and son arrested for simple battery

    Yeah, reminded me of that too.
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    So I Was Boiling my Strings Today...

    Microwave them, much faster :cool:
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    New Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

    A Monoprice 15 watt. Very happy with it. The hrdlx didn't get heavier, I got older, and the clubs I play dont like it loud.
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    New Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

    I had one for 20 years. It got too loud and heavy for my needs, but it served me well. Enjoy!
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    Do you use just one pedal and your guitar volume?

    I do a lot of gigs with just a tuner and and an overdrive. I can get lots of different sounds using the controls on the guitar.
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    Cheap GigRig Heaven: Monoprice Stage Right 15 + Zoom G1X Four

    I've been gigging with my Stage Right for over a year now, glad you're enjoying it!
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