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    Question for Suhr lovers

    I got an amp OD100 which was NOS. When I got it, I wasn't happy-------an old cercuit and I couldn't dial it in right. John Suhr sent me a new PT100. NEVER, EVER has ANYONE been so very kind when it comes to gear. I can't wait to purchase a Suhr Classic Fiesta Red rosewood board, six saddle...
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    Ann. Bogner Shiva

    I waited a while before posting a review. Bare in mind I own a JCM800, Soldano Avenger and Surh PT100, so I'm no stranger to tone. I play LP Standards, Custom, tele, strat. Fender and Gibson. The Bogner is an absolute amazement. It can do open rock tone; it can get a dirty as need be. The...
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    BBQ or WCR

    Lots of Jim's stuff in named after the Allman bros.
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    Any love for the Peavey Classic 50?

    Love the heads---fan cooled. They are the best amp Peavey has ever made not that there is a lot of competition for that. If Peavey should put some celestions in the combo. It would kill then.
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    BBQ or WCR

    I'm gonna need to replace some dreadfull 500T and 490 in a lp classic premium pluss. I've narrowed my search to Rio Grande BBQ or WCR Fillmores with whatever jim recomends for the neck darkburst probably. I'm taking recomendations.
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    AVRI 62 Telecaster

    The three color sb looks the best of all of them. I had one and loved it. They are cool as ****.
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    Fender NOS69 Strat

    Does anyone have any feedback on this model. I'd love to have one, but I also love the AV 70s. Who has a preference between rosewood and maple board.
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    Is the Shiva 20th anniversary just a metal amp?

    Respected, I don't respect that opinion. I ordered the new Shiva and I have a PT100, JCM800 & Soldano Avenger. That is how much I liked the new Shiva. Yew, Songman is the minority on this one anyway.
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    Suhr PT100/PT50

    I have one and love it. The best open rock tone on the market. If you were once a Marshall player you will be OK with this amp. If your wanting a two channel amp with blackface type cleans and ample gain tones this is the amp. The amp is fine without pedal and doesn't need any; however, if...
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    Hiwatt Studio Stage??????

    John II Dude is that Ritchie Rhianno????? WOW I love Starz man just love em. I got to see them once on Colliseum Rock. Actually Attention Shoppers, Starz, Colliseum Rock and Violation are probably the order in which I love them. Those clips make me want a Hiwatt badly. Boy will that amp...
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    Anyone going to the NC guitar show in Raleigh this weekend?

    Man, I'm two hours away and knew nothing about it. Good thing though as I have no $$$ to spend. Going to the guitar show with no $$$ is like going to a strip club. You can look but not do much else. The one I went to a few years ago I saw some early BC Rich stuff, mid 80s AV Fender stuff and...
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    New Xotic EP Booster

    as a buffer it does change your signal from high to low impedance doesn't it????
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    Bogner Shiva

    Yes Bob, KT88, White, non reverb model. I'll probably get the matching 212 though I'm not a V30 fan at all. Some amps sound good with certain spks though. I know you did a comparison because I've played the clips on your site. What spks did you like with your Shivas?
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    Bogner Shiva

    HI Bob. Long time. How are you doing. I have an anniversary shiva coming. I got the non reverb one. I'll probably go for the 212 white matching cab. I have some H30s in an Orange cab that I have. Not crazy about the Orange cab though.
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    What 2 channel amp has Fender like cleans and smooth Marshally tones?

    engl amps have a great clean, but I wouldn't call it blackface. 3 monkeys have several great clean tones to them.