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Recent content by Kelly

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    So, I've got this old Jackson Randy Rhoads...

    Do whatever makes you happy. Nice axe.
  2. K

    Blockhead Jose style JMP build??

    You can contact ossie at 3 monkeys amps. He still makes a jose-style amp called the ze.
  3. K

    Does reverse wound middle effect tone?

    You lose a little top end when in positions 2 and 4.
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    Luxxtone, Charvel Custom shop, or Chubtone

    I spent 30 years in manufacturing and have to disagree with your opinion. A good piece of wood is a good piece of wood, no matter if it's routed on a cnc in your shop, my shop, or chiseled out by himalayan monks. The setup and custom finish is what sets a builder like luxxtone apart.
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    Luxxtone, Charvel Custom shop, or Chubtone

    Doesn't really matter. Manufacturers outsource most parts.
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    Hardwire pedals forgotten?

    They didn't really go belly up though. Samsung bought their parent company and shut them down.
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    Anyone else own a Peavey VTM 60 or 120

    With all of the switches off the amp is basically a jcm 800, which don't have tons of bass. A 120 popped up in my local shop this week but was sold before I could check it out.
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    Dimarzio pickups? What the?.....

    "You need to play a real burst"? Nah, you need to get rid of that overweight hunk of mahogany and get a real axe, like a Tele.
  9. K

    PRS Custom with 9's or 8's

    2004 c22 here. Dropped to 9s about 2 years ago. No tuning issues, never broke a striing. I do use nyxls.
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    Gibson Nitro Peeling at Nut

    You can use a razor blade to trim and steel wool to smooth it out.
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    Frets rusting on 5yo Custom 24, what to do!

    I have the same issue with my custom 22. Gorgomyte works, but the frets oxidize again within a short amount of time. I don't have this issue with any other guitar. Will be replacing with stainless at some point. I see a lot of people recommending jescar (i think that's what prs uses) but in my...
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    Do prefer having tech built into the tube amp or separate? Referring to IR and Modeling Features

    I think it's great having them together, the only downside is the digital tech becoming obsolete. The ir circuit id very small, though, and shouldn't cause any headaches if you don't use it. If i was playing our more often I'd definitely consider the pt15. I heard Pete demo it locally, the...
  13. K

    Thicker and heavier than my Bogner Shiva?

    Only heard it with high gain, but I'm sure it's versatile. I've heard every amp that's been mentioned in this thread and think the uber is what you're after, it's like the perfect recto. I prefer the Fryette stuff myself, but I think you've already been doen that road.
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    Thicker and heavier than my Bogner Shiva?

    Uberschall is what you want.