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Recent content by keninsyr

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    Who's Guitar is the Holy Grail?

    For me it would be the 59 335 Robben Ford used with the Yellow Jackets. The live Monmouth College Fight song tone kills me. And to think he was using a solid state Yamaha amp.
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    We're in the TOP 10!! WooHoo!!

    Congrats and very nice work.
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    Best "overlooked" Rolling Stone's song

    One of my choices. Love hearing Keef sing.
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    Underrated or little-known guitar solos

    Ed King on "Working for MCA". Always thought he was a cool player.
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    Why do the Beatles ALWAYS take #1 spot in any all time best song/ record list ?

    Why does anyone care about polls??!!. By the way, I would pick the Beatles #1 everytime.
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    Allen Amps Old Flame

    I have 2 Old Flame 2-10 combos that David built. One is about 7 years old and the other is 2 years old. All I can say is that with the flexibility of the master volume and the raw control I can get pretty much anything I need. I have used them in small clubs, large festivals outdoors and...
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    Greatest Rock Album of ALL TIME?

    How about the pioneers. Elvis Presley "The Sun Sessions". Kinda where it all started. Chuck Berry's Greatest hits. Greatest is an opinion, but what about most important. All of the previously mentioned are great recordings but would they have even existed without Elivis, Chuck, Little Richard...
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    Sitting on Top of the World?? How does he get that tone?

    When they recorded in New York with Tom Down Clapton played thru a Twin in the studio. "Strange Brew" is a Twin on 10. There are alot of live recordings of Cream with Clapton using various Gibsons,335, SG, Firebird and photos of him using a Les Paul and from all documentation the only pedal he...
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    Robben Ford

    Miles Davis called him and asked him to join his band! What more needs to be said.
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    Is it just me or does the solo on "Still The One" by Orleans just flat out rock?

    One of my favorite bands. Larry Hoppen was every bit John Hall's equal on guitar and played great keyboards. Saw them several times in their heyday and they always burned it down. Great singers by the way. Unfortunately the original drummer, Wells Kelly died a few years ago. Worth checking out.
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    + Amps that DON'T need pedals to sound fab +

    Allen Old Flames and various Grosh's work for me. Never use a pedal. Just a good cord. Plus it only takes 5 minutes to get set up.
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    New Grosh Electrajet Standard

    Congrats! I have 3 and I have a hard time playing anything else.
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    Lindy Fralin Unbucker

    I have a Grosh with an Unbucker and another with a Duncan JB and the JB splits much better than the Unbucker. The Unbucker sounds great but I don't care for it split.
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    Madonna ,think she's got an endorsement ...?

    How about the whole thing!!