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    N(to me)PD! TC Nova Drive

    I know this is an older thread, but I was searching to see if someone was asked the same question as me. Well, I know you didn't ask this question, but your wish is basically my question. How can a company who made the nova system and g-system, end up with the product line they have today? I...
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    Yamaha THR100 owners.

    Want to reincarnate this thread first recent post after a break from TGP. First, thanks very much for posting the service manual for the footswitch, thank you, thank you. I love the amp, and was hoping to do some kind of integration with...anything? I have been trying to figure...
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    Is there such a thing as a "collectible Shredder Guitar"?

    And there was also the original Schon guitar -- made by Jackson (and later Larrivee i believe).
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    where you buy your guitars?

    Wherever I can, brick and mortar stores, TGP, ACF, reverb, ebay, craigslist, dealer websites. I do like to play the guitar in person, if it is a relatively common guitar, even if i have to pay a bit more. For less common or used guitars, often it has to be unplayed, typically when I do buy a...
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    Favorite Solid Color for Strat with Maple Fretboard and White Pickguard?

    Olympic white looks great to me in this combo. I have this 89 wine red american standard, I always liked the color combo, but not as much as oly white.
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    What guitar could you buy with your last unexpected expense?

    I stopped playing this game a while doesn't end.
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    First "high-end" purchase...what was it?

    As other have noted, it is all relative. First me me was an 89 American Standard, $599 from American Music in Fremont district of Seattle. I was still in high school.
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    Sold 1988 Fender Strat Plus in Graffiti Yellow

    Previous owner here, J was a pleasure to deal with in the last transaction. This is a super nice original graffiti yellow plus, I was the curator of this gem for the past 8 years or so, I purchased this from the original owner in 2009. And it served me well. I was bummed to sell it, but as I...
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    Guitar/gear game changer… what was yours?

    Zoom h4n handheld recorder, about six years ago. Any handheld recorder would probably have done it, but at the time, and even now, the features on the h4n are quite nice. Recording your practice regularly and listening critically, revealed a lot of areas I could improve on, that I don't...
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    Need advice regarding the selling of higher end guitar

    Beautiful guitar, love the top. BTW, I saw your add on the forums, too, best of luck with the sale. Awesome guitar, would love to play it.
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    What gear are you getting for the Holidays?

    Awesome mic, after i moved to a 906 i wonder how i ever made it with a 57. I have my eye on a acoustic, that I am on the fence about, trying to forget about actually. But really have nothing else on the gear list for the near future. But I'm still super excited to play the guitars I already have!
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    How many different Strat builders do we need?

    Well, I don't think it is greed, with all the competition and choices, I don't think these builders are pulling it in. Maybe I am wrong. But I suspect these builders are passionate about guitars and love what they do.
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    Please recommend a SF Bay Area Luthier

    Also very happy with Gary Brawer's shop.
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    Sold Mid 80's "Dallas-Era" Schecter PT (Eminence front!)

    This is another guitar that is a GREAT player, but I have not focusing on electric all that much the past several years. This guitar has served me very well, and really deserves a good home where it will be played. These were based on the original Schecter PT that Pete Townshend...
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    Sold 1988 Fender Strat Plus in Graffiti Yellow

    SOLD! Thank you all.
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