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    Am I Alone?

    “Making My Nowhere Plans For Nobody”
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    The Official MATCHLESS Thread

    Someone has this posted on Craigslist in PHX
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    Friedman Smallbox 50 Questions

    Your correct on the bright switches. I ended up experimenting with speakers to tame some of the upper mids on the lead channel. I ended up with Creamback 65 in a Bogner Cube. I have the 2x12 with vintage 30’s but it just hasn’t worked for me with those speakers. I may try a couple 25 watt...
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    Timeline putting tuner>right out, left completely panned to right, silent tuning?

    is it possible ? Anybody try it. The left output would need to be silent so using a midi pedal I could pull up a tuning patch in the loop.
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    Friedman BE-100 Deluxe vs Smallbox

    I’ve only owned the Smallbox. I really like it but I was not happy with Vintage 30’s in the matching 2x12 cab. I rolled a bunch of speakers through a Cube and settled on Celestion Creamback 65. Absolutely awesome. Now I’m just using a Bogner cube and have the Friedman 2x12 for sale.
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    Guitar - Cord - Amp?

    I prefer straight in. It feels better and to my ears which are trashed sounds better. However I really love pedals for the art of making music, color, texture... I throw time based fx & tuner in the loop but never a tuner between the guitar and the amp. I’ve tried switchers, boost, buffers, less...
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    Am I crazy or does my amp sound different every day?

    I agree with Lloyd. I run a variac and a conditioner for consistent line voltage that has helped immensely. *However I’m a type 1 diabetic and have found that I’ll be playing thinking that I have a Bad tube or something is jacked up and then realize (because I’m Cranky as Hell) I need to check...
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    Studio Slips love (I think I have a Problem)

    I have several. For heads Clamshell single padding and handle opening to carry. No pocket for me, they always get in the way. I choose Studio Slips from experience with other manufacturers especially for heads. Tuki is good for cabs but not better. IMHO
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    BadCat Choices - Advice Please

    I have a 2013 black cat 30r without K master. I haven’t been able to crank it up yet but I have to say that the touch sensitivity is something to behold on that amp. I’m running a Ep booster in front.
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    The Weeknd Superbowl Halftime Show

    Kookie Cutter Boi band
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    1x12 vs 2x12

    One of the advantages of using a 1x12 is you’re attenuating the volume some compared the the 2x12, plus I like getting the speaker moving/pushed more. Of course it all depends on the environment. Sometimes you just need a bigger cab.
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    Does a VOX AC30 suck if you arent playing it loud ?

    Try a boost pedal for low volume
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    The Heaviest ( in terms of weight ) amp you owned and the misfortune of lugging it around ?

    I had a mid 70’s twin with sro’s in it. In the 70’s we used to have these insane parties at a house in Ohio. The band would play in the basement with long steep steps. A friend insisted on carrying my amp down after I bitched about how heavy it was, He insisted. I’m 5/8 he’s probably 5/6 and not...
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    Power conditioner or voltage regulator? What should I use to get consistent power at different locations?

    The downside of this setup is I manually set the voltage, so if I get a spike from the outlet the voltage goes up on my rig. I can set the voltage where I want it, lower for some amps. On some regulators + or - 5% was the deal breaker for me especially when biasing a amp.
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    Avoid LoopMaster loop pedals

    I had a bad experience once & never again. Avoid !
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