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    Tone Match Marshal 1974x with Axe Fx 2

    I think Amp2 is the real one because it sounds worse.
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    Is the Axe-FX II available if I drive to Fractal Audio?

    The "buzz" is created by the internet hype that goes on in these and other forums. Sure Fractal wants to put their best foot forward marketing it but they made no promises anywhere that I can find as far as instant availability. Unless you are actually working in the building with these guys...
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    best direct guitar box for recording

    I won't argue that people hear things differently and prefer one thing over another but I've gotten perfectly good results from the 04. One thing that can make it sound like crap is trying to blend in the full volume (unaffected) control when using any kind of distortion. If you go to the Palmer...
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    best direct guitar box for recording

    You're confuzzled because I said "effected", which is what I meant to say. The "cab sim" (filter) in the Palmer is nothing more than a low pass filter. It doesn't really simulate anything. For higher distortion settings on my amp, I find I like to roll off those spikey frequencies before I hit...
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    best direct guitar box for recording

    I also use this approach with the Palmer PGA04, although I use the effected signal through a Neve clone preamp direct to DAW. It sounds great with a cab sim with a little room verb for air. I've got 4 different heads that I can match different cab sims to. If you like the way your amps sound...
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    What do you do when your wife . . .

    Not a problem in my house. My wife plays guitar.
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    FYI Pat Metheny has an Axe-FX now

    I saw Pat Metheny play earlier this summer and thought his tone was pretty bad. Great playing but really bad tone. I have no doubt it will improve now with the Axe-Fx and I haven't even heard one.
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    Demoing UAD's 88RS Plugin. Nice!

    Love the UAD stuff. I have 4 cards and all the plugs except for the multiband comp, limiter and CE chorus. I start with 88RS on most of my tracks and use the ear candy comps and eq's on vocals and busses. If you haven't tried the LA3A, you should. It kicks ass on vocals.
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    One Amp. One Axe. One Pedal.

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Top Hat Emplexador Tim
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    Help! Recording cab with "mixed" speakers

    For a big rhythm part, I like to put a Senn e906 on one speaker and a 57 on the other, both on the grill. I'll track it twice, one track with each and pan L&R. If your playing is tight, it sounds mighty good.
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    Who likes the Top Hat Emplexador and why?

    Another Emplexador player and lover of TopHats. The Emplexador is the only amp, so far, that I will never sell.
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    How do we get Width/spread from a single guitar performance?

    There are a million ways to record guitars and it's all subjective. Disclaimer over. The way your singer sounds and the song sounds, if it were me trying to fit a guitar sound in the mix, I would do this..... Use a lot less gain on the rhythm guitar. I assume you're miking it. Turn it...
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    Bright Switch too Bright on Top Hat!!!

    nanofarad :D Between micro and pico. Not a common term to use in the amp world. 2200pf. That seems perty darn bright to me.
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    Bright Switch too Bright on Top Hat!!!

    That's actually a 2.2nf. I think Brian uses a 180pf in the Club Royale. I would think you could try something in that range if you're comfortable messing with it. My CR came without a bright switch so I used a pair of short clip leads and swapped a few caps in and out until I found the value...
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    Vocal/ All Purpose Mic < 300

    Studio Projects C1 is a great low cost (~$199) condenser that works well on both vocals and acoustic guitar.
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