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  1. kevinhifi

    Analog Octave up pedals. EQD Tentacles Vs Henretta purple octopus

    Thanks for the review! The Purple Octopus actually has a high impedance boost at the front end of the circuit for the reasons you pointed out. When developing the pedal, I didn't like that it was so gated and needing a hotter signal in order to open up, so I put a boost up front and then...
  2. kevinhifi

    8 Different Sounds from 3-Pickup Les Paul

    Thanks! The bridge humbucker has to be pretty high in output, like each coil at least 7k, for it to sound anything but anemic when split like that. The first one I tried that worked well was a Dimarzio Super Distortion. The one in there now is a Tom Anderson H3, and I’m going to be replacing...
  3. kevinhifi

    8 Different Sounds from 3-Pickup Les Paul

    Some of you may find the way I have my 3-pickup Les Paul wired interesting.
  4. kevinhifi

    What famous band members are from your town?

    I'm from Akron too. A couple more: Eric Carmen Joseph Arthur
  5. kevinhifi

    Who has experience with Henretta pedals?

    Thanks for all of the comments, all!
  6. kevinhifi

    Henretta Orange Whip Compressor

    Hey, glad you're digging it!
  7. kevinhifi

    Since analog doesn't necessarily really mean analog for delays anymore,

    Exactly. At the time of the Memory Man's release, delay effects for live performance were almost exclusively tape-based units. They sound great but have a whole host of annoying maintenance and unpredictability baggage that come along with them. The fact that the MM was solid state was a huge...
  8. kevinhifi

    BOG Fuzz Face clone in mini enclosure?

    If you are indeed able to fit the circuit into that enclosure, once you have all the jacks in place, there is room for one knob coming off whatever side doesn't have the power jack. That's it. The best bet is to try to fit the circuit plus two trimpots onto the board and make it set-and-forget.
  9. kevinhifi

    Quality mini EQ pedal?

    Totally understood. But if I just named it a boost, players wouldn’t know that you can adjust the tone. “Tweakable (But Not On-The-Fly) Boost” would be a little wordy for a name. Ha.
  10. kevinhifi

    Quality mini EQ pedal?

    It's not an EQ pedal. It's a set-and-forget boost pedal with the ability to tailor the profile if wanted. ;)
  11. kevinhifi

    Where’s the new NAMM speculations?!?! I mean WISHLIST 2018!!!!!

    No deliberate compression in there, but I think that's a natural side effect of pushing a narrow frequency band into a dirty amp like in the video. I think it's one of the many reasons it feels so good to play a wah wah pedal. In may case, it's always made me able to play faster with ease to...
  12. kevinhifi

    Compendium of compressors that can run on 18V

    Yes, the Orange Whip can run at 18V. I don't mention it in the manual because it could shift the bias so that hooking up a factory set one with 18V may produce no effect or a super noisy sound. Or maybe not - never really experimented with it much. But the components are safe at 18V.
  13. kevinhifi

    Greer Fish Press or Henretta Orange Whip?

    I see you are in Cleveland. Guitar Riot (Superior and E. 26th-ish) should have the Orange Whip in stock if you want to try it out. Great shop and great guys either way.
  14. kevinhifi

    Who else makes Fly Rig style pedals?

    We do more than the 11-effect monster shown above. The Six Speed (6in1, fully customizable, effect loop send/return if needed, toggles to move order around, etc.) is the biggest seller out of the custom offerings. It only weighs around 12oz and is 12" long by 3" deep - fits in a backpack.
  15. kevinhifi

    who is bringing a big multi effect at summer NAMM??

    Ahh, just realized this is in the "Digital & Modeling Gear" sub-forum. Yeah, just my parts, before I do a minute of assembly, are more than $300 for these units. I can't come close to competing with mass-produced and/or mostly software-based units. Luckily there are enough players looking for...
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