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    Noiseless Tele pickup options

    Lindy Fralin Split Blade Blues Specials are my favorites! Fat on the bottom, bright on top. A lot of tones in there!
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    How is your Pine guitar holding up so far?

    As Matt points out, the neck screws thread into the neck, so you would have to compress the pine body to change the geometry. We're not tightening those screws that much! Pine can get really hard as it gets older. I'm not sure if this is true of all pine, but I've encountered old pine that is...
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    speaker placement!

    Having an assistant can also help a lot. Sometimes having somebody tweak the placement while you sit in the sweet spot and listen can get the placement better for your room and your ears. Doing it by getting up and making small changes can get tiresome, and maybe confusing to your ears...
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    Warmoth: is it worth to order a "Unique Choice Laminate Top"? What to expect not choosing it yourself? (I cannot access Warmoth Forum)

    A lot of my customers have brought me Warmoth components to assemble for them. After handling several dozen examples both Unique Choice and chosen by Warmoth, I would suggest the difference is between "Spectacular" for the unique choices, and "really nice" for the rest. I never heard anyone...
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    Large Princeton Reverb cabinet

    A stock Princeton cab will accomodate a 12, though you will have to slide the hole off center to prevent the output transformer and tubes from hitting larger drivers. There is a lot of noise on this website about larger or deeper open back cabs producing more bass, but the rest of the world...
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    Tru-Oil vintage tinted neck project.

    A lot of folks who have worked on achieving a "vintage" tint eventually settle on fresh shellac. It looks just right, much better than most attempts using dyes or stains. You can mix it to any strength or cut that suits you. Cheap and easy to use, and it really does look right under any light.
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    I wanna get into jazz, opera and classical music.

    Be careful with the older artists, and Billie Hololiday is a good example. Her earlier recordings are so dated I can't listen to them. Later on she got more current backing and you could hear what all the excitement was about, but if you just listen to some of the earlier material you'll just...
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    School me on oval ported extension cabinets

    Jim could have saved himself a lot of work and time by reading up on speaker design. There aren't many mysteries remaining, and he wastes a lot of time testing things that have been established for decades. We already know the sky is blue. He also should have reconsidered close miking the...
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    School me on oval ported extension cabinets

    I'd love to see the research!
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    School me on oval ported extension cabinets

    Golden Ears cannot tell the difference between holes or openings (not ports, it's not a freaking port) of different shapes. I have never seen any evidence that even Golden Ears can tell the difference between different size holes in open back cabs. I don't know of any intelligent research that...
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    Your music scene and competition

    Here in San Diego, the venues are getting priced out of business. Rents are brutal, the communities are not so business friendly as they once were, and the gigs are certainly tighter than I remember. That situation is reflected in the fierce competition for gigs. Sometimes cordial, sometimes...
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    Another GC Story

    The absence of formal training is not a big deal in this field. There are plenty of succesful techs with no formal training beyond maybe an apprenticeship. That apprenticeship was often served under another guy with no formal training. There are other ways to acquire skills. Problem was...
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    Let's see your headphone rigs

    I've never found a low-volume rig that worked for me, but I cobbled together some low-brow components into a very fine headphone rig. The Digitech RP360 multi-effect provides any tone shaping or effects. It has a headphone out, but it sounds like crap unless you pipe it through a cheap eBay...
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    Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here

    I was using these JAN Sylvania 6922's in low-fi Bravo Audio head amps. Your post reminded me to bump them up to the Valhalla. I bought some of the allegedley NOS Russian tubes to use as back-ups, but I'll listen to it with the stock 6N6P's and the JAN Sylvania's for a while. I'm listening...
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    Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here

    I didn't want to stack the CD player dorectly on the receiver, as the receiver gets warm and needs some ventilation. Those are aluminum heat sinks, that hopefully draw some heat off the receiver, and don't transmit too much heat to the CD player. I'm planning to put a little shelf, just big...
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