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    Michael Bloomfield

    I grew up in the SF Bay Area. As a kid I used to take the bus up to SF and go to concerts at Wenterland, Great American music hall and a lot of clubs in the Mission. I never passed up a Mike Bloomfield weekend. It was Elvin Bishop, Mike Bloomfield and maybe Montrose open or REO or so many...
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    Chick Corea, RIP

    Very cool watch
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    Rivera Amps ?

    OK, I have a Venus 6 combo, it's better then my Fender Deluxe, Heavy though.
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    What band has the most interesting story?

    I have to 2nd Rush. This is the kinda story that is so great, it's called beyond the lighted stage. Great Documentary. Granted there are a few mentioned above I have never seen, but some tragic one's too.
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    Sold Corndrstone Gladio 2020 Sliver

    Sold Shipped and pp IMG_1774 by Alan, on Flickr
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    Steel wool for dirty fretboard

    HI Jack, Long time no talk to. Gorgomyte is the best. Just wanted to shout out to ya.
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    Sold Quilter 101 Mini Reverb

    Shoots I will take the quilter
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    My rig sounds really bad and I don’t know why.

    Wow, I used a quilter before with just a 1 12 cab And I could have done a gig with it. i am trying to remember exactly how I had it set- seems to me that first you want a more or less classic clean tone with enough drive to just dirty up the tone enough, then use your pedal to drive the...
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    EVH All Star Jam - Tony Levin, Jan Hammer

    WOW great vid, Thanks
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    Tube amp feel

    I think that in a Studio the Fractal sounds great , it feels like playing through an amp. I felt that in the studio Amp modeling is better for recording , I much rather us a Fractal in the studio. Live playing gigs, I had a hard time gigging with the Fractal because of it is so hard to...
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    FM3 on the way!!

    No I only used it through a house PA systems when I gigged Never used it as a stand alone efx
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    FM3 on the way!!

    I gigged with the FM3 for 3 weeks then I went back to my amp pedal board rig. I just didn't have the time to mess around at the time for my live gigs, I went back to my standard rig set up. What I learned: Every mistake you make is out in front, I don't make many but if you do when your...