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    Boutique ACOUSTIC Builders

    Another vote for Bashkin I also highly recommend Bourgeois
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    Who are the best acoustic luthiers in the world?

    Im a big fan of Michael Bashkin.
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    Slash tone in a pedal?

    that'll be my vote.
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    Design your "signature model" guitar!

    Myka #25 is my sig, but if i had to choose a big company it'll be: PRS Santana shaped Mahogany neck and body p90/p90/hum - lollars 5 way switch, vol & tone Colours: TV Yellow, Black, tobacco burst
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    Need help from Japan-based Members in getting a CAJ Twin Tremolo

    Have you tried Ishibashi or Ikebe Gakki? They will both ship internationally.
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    My Tiger's Eye Trio is now a Quartet (Myka added)!

    beautiful. I used to own Myka #25, which I believe was the inspiration for this particular Myka. Enjoy it!
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    What are the 4 pedals you want right now?

    POG 2 Dr Scientist Tremolessence Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe 2 Lumpy's Tone Shop '73 Boost If all goes well, POG 2 will be coming soon, the rest will have to wait.
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    Please list true tube overdrive pedals and your impressions.

    Ive got a Bajaman Real Tube Overdrive made by Bajaman here in New Zealand (you can read up on its history here) I use it in fairly low gain setting for that edge of breakup sound and it works great. Sometimes I goose the pedal with a booster or OD and it works really well for leads. For the...
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    Liquid Lead vs Lemon Drop - how are they different?

    wow, no lumpy love on TGP? I am leaning towards the LL given the versatility of the tone stack. I play P90s and am not sure that they will sound good with the LD (too thin?) Currently, I only have a rat, bajaman real tube overdrive for low gain stuff, and a mcpherson white fuzz. the LL will...
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    Liquid Lead vs Lemon Drop - how are they different?

    School me. Im pretty keen to get a "Zep" pedal, and its one or the other. Can the LL cop the LD tones or are they quite different?
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    Gimme some dirt!

    OK, Ive been swapping pedals like its going out of fashion recently and need some help here guys. Im playing a PRS custom 22 soapbar through the pedalboard below, into a Mesa .22+ with greenback. THe luther drive (swirly paint job), and BSIAB2 (VH paint job) is now gone, as is the...
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    Show Us Your Pedalboards (#20)

    Here's my current iteration
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