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    Van Halen's tone. Do you love it, or hate it?

    same here , when I dial up a marshall type of amp, that is what I try to dial up, hell my Jvm is dialed up like that basically all the time LOL! although I must say this tone doesn't exactly "suck" either :)
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    EVH's influence on superstrats and other modifications

    Same here I have one Les Paul, and that's the only non floyded guitar I own, every other guitar I own is either a jackson/ Charvel or an Ibanez RG
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    Yngwie Malmsteen: Your Thoughts

    Love Yngwie but can only listen to so much of him, too repetitive. but when my chops are "off" his stuff is what I jam to to get going again. Playing his style really makes you focus on being as technically proficient as possible, or you'll never be able to play him convincingly . Musically I...
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    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    I was just coming in to say this exact same thing. Love him or hate him, after Eddie (at least in the rock world) I'd have so say Yngwie was the next guy up to make us go "what was that?" but without Eddie do we ever hear Vitto Bratta? Greg Howe? TJ Helmerich? Jennifer Batten? maybe but...
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    Post Your Favorite Van Halen Tunes, Shows, Clips or....

    I remember hearing this back in 1978 when it first came out and thinking WTF am I hearing? Still my favorite VH song, the way he rips into the 2nd solo was something I 'd never heard anyone do before. (none of us had) it changed everything for me
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    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    this is a tough one. He changed everything
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    Do you wear ear protection in rehearsal/performing?

    Always I have tinnitus in my right ear. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, ....................truly sucks
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    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    Metallica GnR Who a lot of Rush (some I love a lot is unlistenable to me) I just can't listen to Kirk Hammet , he's god awful, and I saw Gnr open for Aerosmith and they were the worst drunk garage band i' had ever seen. completely turned me off to them.
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    What cab pairs best with a mess/boogie mark III?

    ^ Mesa recto cabs 2X12 or 4x12 their V30's are voiced differently from the standard celestion V30 and work really well with the Mark amps I used to have a Mark III red stripe and it just killed through my 2X12 mesa cab.
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    Mesa Mark V question

    can the full size Mark V on one of the crunch modes sound Marshally at all? or is it mark tone all the way through? I've owned several of the earlier Marks (iii and Iv's) and they could not get there.........really not even close.
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    Friedman Runt, JJ Jr, and WW20 Owners Club

    the clean channel is not much of an issue for me, I run an FX8 in 4CM and can add in an 10 band EQ to switch on when I co clean, I live on the lead channel. I tried the Bogner 3534...didn't have the "bark" that I like, the Landry Ls30....same thing no 2204 bark, I have not tried the runt in...
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    Friedman Runt, JJ Jr, and WW20 Owners Club

    a Question for the Runt 50 owners I currently run a modded Jvm210H that love , but I'm sick of lugging around (weighs 50 pounds) so I'm looking for something smaller and a bit lighter to gig with. My band plays all 70's 80'90 classic rock, I'd say 90% of the tunes we do are marshall based. I...
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    "Blackface" and "Plexi" in one amp head?

    One of the mods I did to my Marshall JVM 210H was to have a Negative Feedback Pot installed. at 8:00 it's the stock level, turn it up to 2:00 it's Jcm800, turn it to 4:00 it completely removes it. that with the gain reduction mod and mid shift cost me all of $80.. and 1 1/2 hours for my tech to...
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    Your favorite hard rock album of all time

    I lost my virginity with "The thrill of it all" playing in the background LOL! My girl friends brother had just got the Album that day and she said" let's check this out" :) Obviously this album has a special place in my heart . Van Halen I. that album changed everything for me as as guitarist...

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