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    Which Matchless for the most clean headroom in an AC30 style voicing?

    To me the Clubman is kind of a mix between an AC30 and a Marshall. Depending on the EF86 I use I can either get a TON of clean headroom - like WAY too much, or it can be super crunchy. A NOS Bugle Boy or Telefunkun EF86 for the cleans or a Svetlana for the crunch.
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    Spoon Appreciation Thread

    They're from Austin originally. I used to work with Britt Daniel - he did music for video games at a company called Origin before the band took off.
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    The 3 worst pedals you had the misfortune to purchase.

    I can't speak to the new ones, but the original I have is the most bone crushing, over the top muff style fuzz I've ever heard. It's just....massive. I love it. Sooooo much volume and gain on tap. I could only use it on a few songs, it just destroyed everything. Dialed in modestly it absolutely...
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    Rec's needed-blues in the style of RL Burnside

    Thanks everyone! Some great suggestions here, I really appreciate it. T-Model Ford was exactly what I was looking for, and I didn't realize Cedric had so much music out there. Great stuff as always TGP! :banana
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    Rec's needed-blues in the style of RL Burnside

    Hi TGP folks! I've recently rediscovered RL Burnside and was hoping to get some recommendations on other artists & bands with a similar style. Y'know...fast paced, grinding, butt-shakin roadhouse style blues like his Mr Wizard album. Thanks in advance!
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    Henry Kaiser

    Ok, I was seriously in the camp of thinking this guy literally cannot play the guitar and is playing some sort of epic joke on everyone, but after hearing this my mind is changed. Clearly he's out there in his own world but clearly he can write traditional music. This is a beautiful song. edit...
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    Any love for the Moody Blues?

    Probably alot of love for them here. I say meh. I'm a huge fan of 60's and 70's music but these guys never did much for me. I respect their talent but the music does nothing for me.
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    RIP tweed Lava Cable. RIP my friend.

    Great service indeed. Thanks! I'll be emailing today.
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    RIP tweed Lava Cable. RIP my friend.

    I've had two of the tweed 15' Lava ELC cables forever. Pretty sure I've had them since the early or mid 2000s. I swear I've had them since the late 90's but apparently the company started in 2004 LOL. I've done dozens and dozens of gigs and rehearsals with them and never had a single issue. They...
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    Les Paul, pick guard or no pick guard?

    Why can't there be an option for "It depends" ? I've had a few LP's and some look better with it on, some look better with it off. I'm another one of those players who's technique tends to rip up guitars below the strings but right now I have an ebony and a gold top LP both without the guard on...
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    Long-awated: Extra strings and lots of crazy curved frets

    Man, I look at instruments like that...with more stings than I'd know what to do with...and workmanship like that...thinking of the guy who just had a NGD with that...I'm just in awe. It's like. :huh :love: :drool :bow
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    My first step into modelling. UPDATED!

    The Mesa power amp is going to color the tone, and it's going to weigh a ton. Many people are looking at more neutral, solid state power amps for their modelers, like Matrix. Also, your tone is only going to be as good as the speakers you're using, so I'd try to invest more into them and try to...
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    Band Name for a 60's Tribute band?

    For the win. I lol'd. And an honorable mention to... Grey Sabbath.
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    Wow, never realized what a laser-beam my 2x12 cab is

    I played my first gig in a years a couple weekends back using my THD Flexi into a Matchless 2x12. It was outdoors so I thought the open-back cab would do a good job dispersing the sound. Wrong! While sound-checking, if I stood more than a foot or so to either side of the cab, the volume just...
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