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    What are some affordable weird pedals

    +1 for the Tube Zipper I’ll add: Theremin Fuzz by Parasit Echo Degrader — that’s a cool ‘What the F#ck did I just buy!?’ Pedal https://www.industrialectric.com/echo-degrader.html
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    Buying a Timmy

    I got the 8th one in his last batch, very lucky timing.
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    Does anyone make a pedal that cops the Theremin sound?

    Yeah, now somebody needs to figure out the best amp or aiab for theremin Fuzz! Something from the ‘50s I’d guess….
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    Why Would I Want a Theremin Pedal?

    Dammit Phuzz! I just ordered a Parasit Theremin Fuzz! I hope it comes in time for Halloween. I've been eyeballing theremins for a long time but always assumed in the long run it wouldn't get used much and would annoy the hell out of my wife.... So another fuzz pedal it is. Must. Stop. Reading. TGP.
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    Menatone the King vs Pettyjohn Gold

    I love the PiG! Anything from mild amp drive to Mki into a smoking 200w Marshall. Bass, treble, and Gain each lend to the total gain so you have a lot of tone and gain gradations.
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    Menatone the King vs Pettyjohn Gold

    I’m familiar with the Menatone, there are at least 4 miab in the lineup. Which Marshall tone/tones are you looking for?
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    Sushi Box Fx

    Fortunately the mids dial is pretty intuitive so it’s not really a ‘problem’ I just need to figure out what I like. There’s a lot to be said for well made, well designed and great sounding pedals like yours. Easy to use and easy to get great tones!!
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    Small headphone amp with analog effects?

    Phones will be my next one if OBNE doesn’t get me where I wanna go
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    Dawner Prince Boonar TUBE

    I’m concerned about how much $$ I’m going to throw at this!
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    Sushi Box Fx

    I got the SBVT today and got to spend a little time with it through my '65 Ampeg Reverberocket ii. Simply great! It sounds like a warm natural extension of my amp-- Exactly what I wanted! Looks great, too. It took no time to find great sounds from it and it'll definitely do the SVT rumble. Also...
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    The "recorded guitar tone vs. what I am hearing while playing" phenomenon

    I’m opposite. I like my tone and feel while playing but the recordings always sounds bad. That leads me to consider that I might really just suck….. Maybe another 35 years of practice will do it.
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    Old Blood Noise Endeavors headphone amp- 2 for Stereo?

    Has anybody done this? I have 1 on the way and plan on running an AIAB into it. Any reason a Deco or another stereo pedal running 2 for stereo wouldn't work? And how would you bring the 2 headphone outs to 1 headset?
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    Feedback Pedal ?

    I have an Arcane Analog Mki tonebender that gives me feedback at will even at fairly low volume. I'm not sure if its a 'defect' or not but I consider it a unique bonus feature of that pedal. I don't think its very Hendrixy, being a mki-- it IS very Mick Ronson, though....
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    Is there a better tuner out there than the Sonic Research Model ST-300 Stomp Box Strobe Tuner?

    I have one of each (regular and mini). I haven’t bothered with any others after that.
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    I smashed my pedalboard! Timmy Died :(

    Oh My g0d! You killed Timmeh!
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