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    jamming on a fourplay tune

    I recently recorded this but can put up a track without the solo work if anyone is interested. Hope you enjoy. http://www.jimheidinger.com/music/solos/jh_Galaxia_v1.mp3 Jim
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    Live Jam!

    Hey guys, I set up a chat area that allows realtime jamming. You can use a mic or direct-in. Best results are to use headphones to avoid cross-talk or echo. I've used this and it works! Here's the link: http://livejam.jimheidinger.com Just log in with any name you like. Then you will...
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    BadSign Solo with well, bad signs...

    Thanks, I got quite a laugh out of it... Jim
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    Desperate cry for HELP! Need an original blues backing.

    I'll check to see what I have... Here's as simple as it gets, a basic one chord blues with a delta feel to it. It's an original jam. I hope you can use it, it's a little rough around the edges but works for the blues anyway: bluesjam.mp3 Jim
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    BadSign Solo with well, bad signs...

    Got it from "Red Ant": BadSignBT.mp3 Pretty fun one! Jim
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    BadSign Solo with well, bad signs...

    Someone put some visuals together to enhance my solo... Pretty funny stuff. BadSign.wmv Jim
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    Another Jam for All!

    Very cool jam and solo! :dude Thought I'd throw my take into the ring: BadSignJH.mp3 Be easy now! I haven't done one of these in awhile. It was a fun track to solo over. :) Jim
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    Time for my 2nd chord-melody thing

    Sweeeeeet! You are getting pretty good at this! A great listen. :BEER Cheers! :) Jim
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    First chord melody style

    Great work Mats! Nice to hear you working this style. Your chord work was really nice. Great selection of voicings. :) I enjoyed the solo too. :AOK Jim
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    Line6 PODxt Live test drive (video)

    Hey Jim, I've worked all that out, but I can't work out where the patches are stored on the HD. Do you know where they are? thanks M. I have not played with the utility for quite some time, but you can always do a search on your HD with a wildcard for the extention if you don't know it such...
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    Line6 PODxt Live test drive (video)

    Sure, as soon as I figure out how to send a patch.:joThe backing was posted by our fellow user Normster and I think it was titled "Cm Blues Jazz". Marin Hi Marin, If you've only just started with the pod, then you probably have not yet investigated the online tools available. There is a...
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    Hows this sound

    Man, that sure did have the tone! :dude It would be nice to hear that live. Jim Heidinger
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    Jam to Josie

    Sounds like you were having a blast! I enjoyed your take. :) All the best, Jim
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    Jam to Josie

    Thanks Matts! Have you put up any backings and solos lately? I have not checked in for a while. Seemed that the board was having some technical difficulties recently. Jim
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    Jam to Josie

    Thanks. I was having so much fun with it I was tensing up a bit which caused me a little bit of trouble here and there. But thought it was a keeper anyway. Hope to hear some jams! :dude Jim
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