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    The Album After the Masterpiece

    As much of a proghead that I am, I'm not very much into Yes, however Tales From Topographic Oceans might just be my favorite Yes album, while its predecessor, Close to the Edge, is usually considered their best.
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    Your favourite 90's electronic song.

    My absolute #1 tune of the 90's overall: And to others that sprung into my mind:
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    john abercrombie, r.i.p.

    What a terrible loss, I absolutely love his ECM releases and contributions. Very inspiring. RIP
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    Your favourite summer music

    Yes, yes, yes, yes. Dub is the ultimate summer music. Last week's discovery for me:
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    Black Metal

    Varg is a psycho, but he is very interesting to listen to. He has a YouTube channel called ThuleanPerspective, where he discusses a lot of different matters (sadly, mainly political and phylosophical, many of which it's hard to agree with IMO), but he recently had a video talking about non-metal...
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    the most Psychedelic recordings of all times .......

    In my opinion, Germany produced some of the most psychedelic music ever during the late 60's and early 70's. Here are some of my favorites.
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    hidden gems of the 70's and 80's

    Oh yeah, love PFM! I wouldn't say they were a hidden gem, though. They had quite a career.
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    hidden gems of the 70's and 80's

    My favorite? There are lots. Here are five that popped up into my head right now. I apologize if the page gets hard to load because of the videos. Exmagma - a goofy German space-jazz-rock band (there is a mistake in the band name and the album title in the YouTube video below). Cosmic Circus...
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    Allan Holdsworth R.I.P.

    Also in shock. One of my all-time favorite guitarists. Horrible loss.
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    Band names..funniest/dumbest you've actually been in

    The lamest: a band from my city called The Ultimate Universe. The dumbest: another band from my city called Potato Monster.
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    A few questions about Tascam 4-tracks

    Haha, thanks so much! I'm very happy you took notice of the Manuel Göttsching inspiration, he is one of my favorite guitarists of all time. On this track, I experimented with mixing it down to the computer from a PHONES output rather than LINE OUT. Again, thanks a ton for very kind words.
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    A few questions about Tascam 4-tracks

    I totally forgot to let you all know - I happily bought a mint 424 MKII from a TGP member shikawkee a few weeks ago. It's a splendid machine - I think I already have more or less learned how to use it properly. I really love working with it - loads of fun all around. Even waiting for the tape to...
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    Your top five influences on your current primary instrument

    Hard to pick just five, but, as for now, this would be the list. Fred Frith Manuel Göttsching Michael Rother John McLaughlin David Gilmour or Allan Holdsworth
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    A few questions about Tascam 4-tracks

    Thanks a ton for answers, everybody! I really appreciate your time and feedback. I will be aiming for 414 MKII models (or well-preserved older models, where I can be sure it should work flawlessly) based on what you guys said regarding age of these machines and how it might influence their...