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    Klon schematic (verified)

    You can thank me later. Carry on.
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    Guitar Duel - you pick the winner

    The other guitarist owns all the sound equipment. The band is powerless because of this and hopes that the other guitarist sees that you're better and relent. Ain't happening. They're can't kick him out/demand anything because they lose the gear. Lose-lose scenario. No need for drama here...
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    Vox AC15c1

    How about this FB - Get a AC30 head and avatar 2x12 cab:D Both are easy to carry, with as much headroom you're probably going to need. Personally I have this setup since I refuse to lug around 80lb combos. The AC30CCH head is 45lbs BTW. I know some folks don't like to make two trips to...
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    Anyone played a 69 vox ac30 with greens? Are they any good? Help anyone?

    Run that by the folks on the Vox forum here: I've found it to be the best forum for Vox amps from a tech and knowledge standpoint. Good luck.
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    Rig Building on a Budget. Suggestions Needed!

    Sound's good Capt, but I'd still seriously consider an amp with at least 1x12 with some headroom. The Fender XD is a single 10" 6V6 amp, and is fine for miking and recording but it will get overwhelmed if you ever play without sound reinforcement. If I were you, I'd skip the compressor for now...
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    Rig Building on a Budget. Suggestions Needed!

    I've been doing P&W guitar once or twice a week for the past 6 years, so I'll throw in my 2 cents on what I've learned so far and keeping cost in mind: I've tried amps with tube preamp distortion (Rivera Jake, Classic 50, newer Fenders, Marshall, Mesas, etc.) and with amps that run clean; at...
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    TC Nova guys, do you find that changing presets is a pain in the butt?

    this1smyne modded my Nova delay with a stereo out that connects to a two switch remote he built. It has a seperate preset switch and tap/tempo switch. One switch scrolls presets (single tap to change presets) and the other sets tempo independent from each other. Another cool deal is the...
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    Church players, what delay are you using?

    Nova delay and Boss DD5 w/ synchronous external tap.
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    Which DI With K&K Pure Western?

    LR Baggs Para DI. Tons of features, quiet, versatile, and affordable. Highly recommended.
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    Which pedal designers/manufacturers have a degree in EE?

    Dang Zucker, you took the words out of my mouth. Voicing and designing a pedal is about 10% science, 10% luck, and 80% art IMO.
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    High pitched frequency from my pedalboard

    +1 for Kevin's advice. I had the same issue with the high frequency background noise on my board recently. I traced it down to the 12v power supply that came with my Nova Delay. The delay was getting enough power; but the PS was noisy. Delays can be finicky regarding clean power. Good luck.
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    How many church players DON'T use reverb?

    I've recently purchased an RV-7 and have to agree it adds that ambient element that my Nova/DD5 combo can't quite get with a miked cab in a live setting. However, I use the lexi plate, mod, or hall settings with minimal tail. Spring reverb on the Hillsong/Tomlin/Redman stuff just doesn't work...
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    Steel playing is easy 101

    Some of you may remember that sweet steel playing on Ricky Skaggs' Highway 40 Blues? Micky Adams does a brief instructional here: Are steel players fricking aliens? I'd have better luck flying a 747 drunk, blindfolded, and juggling chainsaws than...
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    The Amp You Wish You Hadn't Sold

    Only one amp I regret selling. '62 brownface Fender Pro 1x15 combo. But that pales to the stupidity of literally giving away an early 60's Tele with rosewood neck. I've regretted that deal for 25 years.
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    TC Nova Delay noisy! What to do?

    Make sure you have calibrated it per your manual. That could be the problem.
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