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    What was your first tube amp

    I forget how/where I got this amp. Reverend Hellhound 40/60 with a 4-10" speaker cab. Not long after I joined this site and started on my search for a great amp. Basically a hobby that I enjoyed for about 6 years. This was a great amp but its sale allowed me to buy the next amp, and the next amp...
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    Recommend some 60's psychedelic/garage rock

    Battered Ornaments “Then I Must Go.” Sharks “World Park Junkies” Chris Spedding in both bands.
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    Favorite drummers besides Bonham, Peart and Moon?

    Although the first instrument I played in Rock and Roll was drums, I didn't get into drummers until a couple years afterwards. B.J. Wilson of Procol Harum was one of my first fav's. Ginger and Mitch followed closely. Zappa's drummers, e.g., Billy Mundi, Artie Tripp, Aynsley Dunbar and on and...
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    What is the most unique electric guitar you own?

    Cort Steinberger guitar. Bought used on CL. Has a Dimarzio Super Distortion bridge pup. It’s my back up guitar; I don’t play it that often but it plays OK. Stays in tune for a long time and is easy to tune.
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    What’s the Deal With Austin City Limits These Days?

    I’m 68. Liked NIN, QoTSA sets. Gary Clark Jr. too. I had heard about St. Vincent but had never listened to any of her music. Tuned in last year (?) to her MASSEDUCTION show and had my mind blown. Point being; I owe ACL a big thanks for turning me on to St. Vincent. And I much preferred the live...
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    What instrument cables are you using with your amplifier?

    I have two Armor Gold cables; a 10 footer and a 20 footer. I got them years ago, before they had so many endorsers. I got them because of Joe Naylor’s involvement. I was a Reverend fan.
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    Post some obscure Rock 'n' Roll bands...

    Band: ill Song: A
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    Post some obscure Rock 'n' Roll bands...

    The Laughing Dogs “I Need A Million”
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    Favorite Guitar Player Who Never Makes a Best Guitarist List

    Johnny Thunders Steve Jones Earl Slick Edit: Hugh Cornwell
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    greatest riff of all time?

    Best of all time? Nah... one of my favs? Oh, yesh... “Hang On To Yourself” - Bowie/Ziggy/Mick Ronson
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    Show Us Your White Guitar

    '73 1959 and '65 Vox CR by lang.murphy posted Aug 18, 2015 at 8:31 PM Amps long gone, but the Melody Maker remains #1 of my two guitars. (#2 is a black Cort Steinberger guitar...)
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    Any respect for Billy Squier as a guitarist?

    I know the hits... but am at a loss over “the video.” Must assume it had a similar impact to his career like the “I’m in You” cover had for Frampton...
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    Country Rap is a thing now...

    I’m late to this thread. Read all posts. My 2 cents: I listened to the entire track “Country Living.” The thing I disliked most about it was the electronic hand claps on 2 & 4. Would I listen to it again? Not too likely. Because... Music, for me, has always been about the song. So: do I like...
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    Your top lower wattage 2 x EL84 amps selling today.

    Thanks for clearing that up, Al. 101db still makes for a pretty loud 10” driver, no?
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    Your top lower wattage 2 x EL84 amps selling today.

    I can’t find an article with the dB specs... I’ll have to guess that I got the numbers mixed up but I do remember that it was rated more than 100 dB so I’ll guess 101 dB.
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