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Recent content by LardVader

  1. LardVader

    Why do I keep thinking about Valvestate VS100 and 8100 heads...

    I had the 8080 as my first proper amp. Fun times!
  2. LardVader

    The Best Metallica Album: Poll & Discussion

    Justice, MOP, Kill, Lightening and black. I love the sound of justice, the riffs, the energy and the anger. Would have loved them to nail the garage days sound though.
  3. LardVader

    How picky are you about radius?

    I notice it but I don't have a preference.
  4. LardVader

    Poll: Do wah pedals belong on the floor?

    Zipped tied to my forehead. Part of my performance when I operate it against a solid surface.
  5. LardVader

    Revisiting Metallica's Load/ReLoad

    I didn't understand the whole hair thing at all, from the moaning fans that is. But while load and reload have decent songs on them, I was never able to listen to them start to finish more than a couple of times. Not like the glorious albums that preceded them. I think it was also around the...
  6. LardVader

    Why do you have 2 of the exact same pedal?

    One for the left foot and one for the right.
  7. LardVader

    Brian May new Guitar - The Arielle?

    Something I never thought I'd see, new hairstyle next? :p
  8. LardVader

    Can you list Pros vs Cons to relic guitars?

    Pros: endless forum threads Cons: endless forum threads
  9. LardVader

    Beat It - EVH Guitar Solo

    Nice work!
  10. LardVader

    Is this a massive crack on the neck pocket or not? (Charvel Guthrie Govan)

    I'd probably take a punt on that at the right price, and that for sure ain't the right price.
  11. LardVader

    Went to buy a Les Paul today. Questions about quality

    If that was my store I'd charge you another $500 for the custom relicing! :p
  12. LardVader

    Today is the Eyes of March!

    Don't you mean the Ides of March?
  13. LardVader

    If asked, would you allow yourself to become a Youtube guitar products SHILL ?

    Unless you're wealthy enough to buy all the gear yourself, no one can afford to say exactly what they think all the time, otherwise manufacturers will stop sending products to be demoed. It's an awkward line to walk if you care about your viewers and want to continue with the channel. Anyone...