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  1. Larry Mal

    Favorite Rock Songs with Bass Guitar Predominant in the Mix?

    That was actually one of the ones I was going to put up! You could do it with almost any Jam song, though:
  2. Larry Mal

    Favorite Rock Songs with Bass Guitar Predominant in the Mix?

    Pretty much all music by the Jam has great bass playing well featured in the mix.
  3. Larry Mal

    Blackmore's trashed Strats and Marshalls from California Jam

    Pretty shambolic right there. I like Deep Purple but the Coverdale era was when it became very dull and formulaic. I had never seen that smashing of the guitars, though, it seems forced, dumb and uninspired.
  4. Larry Mal

    Fired because of an Overplaying "Lead" Bassist??

    Didn't occur to you, when you were making them listen to bands in which the guys are all like 70 years old (or dead), that maybe they didn't want to play their music that way? This never occurred to you?
  5. Larry Mal

    So Many Reverb.com Complaints Lately — Let’s Talk Best Practices For Sellers

    Best practice is don't sell anything that you aren't prepared to take a serious loss on if the buyer wants that or to lose it altogether. The second best practice is forget about whatever mitigation scheme you are thinking will help you because it won't and neither will Reverb or anyone else.
  6. Larry Mal

    You guys like Damn Yankees?

    I mean... you can all hear how terrible that is, right?
  7. Larry Mal

    Would a Mexican Made Gibson hurt the Brand?

    I obviously can't prove anything, but that's my belief of what they would at least prefer to do.
  8. Larry Mal

    I kinda felt bad for this kid at Guitar Center

    Right? Did they weld it back together or something?
  9. Larry Mal

    Would a Mexican Made Gibson hurt the Brand?

    My belief is that Fender basically wants to outsource the vast majority of their guitar making to Mexico and elsewhere, you see more and more of it happening with them. And I think I was clear: if Gibson branded guitars start getting made in other places than the United States, I'll be done...
  10. Larry Mal

    Would a Mexican Made Gibson hurt the Brand?

    If Gibson stops making Gibsons in the United States, I quit buying Gibson guitars, at least new ones. I know Fender is a wretched company that increasingly views American labor as being in the way of maximizing profits. I won't buy new Fender for that reason. So, no. Gibson will have a lot...
  11. Larry Mal

    If you know, tell me about The Byrds

    There you go. For me, the most consistent album they did was Younger Than Yesterday. They all have great points and weak points, but that one is really enjoyable all the way through and it was the one that really got me into the Byrds.
  12. Larry Mal

    Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin

    Deep Purple is a lot better. Led Zeppelin is played out.
  13. Larry Mal

    corgan vs cobain

    Smashing Pumpkins was always very overrated and is aging very badly now. I don't give a **** if Billy Corgan can shred, never did.
  14. Larry Mal

    locking Tuner Recommendation For a 83 LP Studio

    Yes, I've had a lot of experience with Kluson Revolution tuners... I think they are wonderful.
  15. Larry Mal

    Is it worth waiting for a Thunderbolt interface?

    Right? You're really gonna love it when you remember that the "U" in "USB" stands for "universal", which is just a slap in the face at this point.
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