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    • Monthly Supporting Members will remain Supporting Members
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    • Current Gold Supporting Members will now be Platinum Supporting Members
    • A new level will be created - Double Platinum Supporting Members

    All memberships will now have the option to remain as non-recurring memberships or choose reccuring memberships moving forward. *Note: current memberships will NOT be changed to recurring memberships.

Recent content by Lerxst2112

  1. L

    Pickups for SRV strat?

    I don't know if you know this or not, but your house is crooked. Someone with the Don Mare "Josies" needs to upload a few clips of it doing SRV.
  2. L

    Zion Guitar Technology - show me what you got! PART TWO!!!

    I ordered a Zion several years ago and, due to a string of very bad luck, never received it. Obviously, it takes quite awhile to build one of those beautiful guitars. I ordered a Ninety, and I was absolutely salivating as I waited for it. At some point during the finishing process (when they...
  3. L

    Which pickups for a LP Standard?

    I have Burstbuckers in mine. I'm pretty sure that's the standard. I think mine is an '03? Can't remember. I'm leaning toward the Lollar Moore set. I am curious about the Sheptones, though, because they seem to be getting quite a few recommendations. Like someone else said, comparing...
  4. L

    Komet 19 on order for November!

    How does the "Saturation" knob work? I'm guessing that's a Master?
  5. L

    Which pickups for a LP Standard?

    No, it sucks! I'm extremely OCD, and I have to research absolutely everything until I'm 100% sure I'm picking the perfect product. Honest to God, I don't even have the spare change lying around right now to buy pickups and I'm already having a nervous breakdown. Is there a better website than...
  6. L

    Which pickups for a LP Standard?

    Good God, there are too many options. There are 1,000 pickup companies, and every one of those companies has at least one set that looks like something I would like. Fralin Humbuckers (lower output) Lollar "Peter Green Style" Imperial Pickups (I love Gary Moore) WCR Green/Moores, WCR...
  7. L

    Which pickups for a LP Standard?

    I bought a Les Paul in 2003, and I've grown to hate the thing. I went so far as to set it up for slide (and then left it in the case, because I never play slide). I've decided, however, to give it a second chance. Maybe it's the Burstbuckers I hate so much. I play mostly '60s-'70s rock...
  8. L

    We're all officially nuts...

    If you were embezzling money, the hunt for the right amp would be much simpler.
  9. L

    New Teuffel Tesla Studio Custom

    That is one crazy (and awesome) looking guitar.
  10. L

    Bill Chapin Relief Fund Instructions

    The CT22 is great, but I haven't really touched my electrics for months. I've been playing nothing but classical as of late. This thread is actually pretty scary. I'm willing to bet that Mr. Chapin didn't wake up in the morning thinking, "Gee, wonder if my house will explode today?" Freaky.
  11. L

    Bill Chapin Relief Fund Instructions

    Threads like these really help to restore my faith in humanity. Good job, people. I'm in the Southeast, so I have absolutely no idea what happened. That damage looks quite extensive, though... all I know so far is: Telephone company digging, hit something, kaboom. Am I missing anything?
  12. L

    Taylor 310 vs. Larrivee D-03

    I have no played any of the mahogany ones. I have a D-03R and a DV-09. They're both fantastic guitars!
  13. L

    Taylor 310 vs. Larrivee D-03

    Larrivee. I've tried a few Taylors, and they didn't do too much for me. I own a D-03R that is simply phenomenal!
  14. L

    I ordered my guitar yesterday.

    Honestly, it came down to value/age/etc... I've heard alot of people tell me that buying a new acoustic/classical is kind of risky, because a guitars voice will change alot over time. Not only that, but not many new guitars hold/appreciate in value. The Galabert and this one both sounded...
  15. L

    I ordered my guitar yesterday.

    Basically the name/phone number/location of the luthier.

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