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    Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers

    I reinstalled my stock 22-year-old covered double cream Seth Lovers into my Les Paul (50's wiring, 500k CTS, PIO caps, lightweight tailpiece, long steel studs, yadda yadda) and I'm simply amazed at what I'm getting out of them. I've played them on and off for the last 22 years, sometimes...
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    I Love My Budda II: Purple Returns...

    Those are some sick little head shells! The normal heads have so much wasted space inside and look dumb on top of a 1x12" cabinet.
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    Post-Peavey Budda SD question....

    That is a true statement. In particular, the cabinet woods were being sourced, by Peavey, from different parts of the country which changed the tone and parts were being sourced from different vendors. Additionally, the construction details were being changed bit by bit. This was all being done...
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    Budda SD can difference help.

    The cabinets with the straight white piping debuted with the Superdrive 18 in early 2001. It was explained in a Budda newsletter back in the day. My Verbmaster shipped in January or February of 2001 and has that cabinet.
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    Power tubes in my Budda SD18 seem to be redplating

    I agree with rockon1's assessment. The tube that glowed bright red simply bit the dust. I've also had that happen before. I once brought this issue of a faint red plate condition (only visible in the dark) to Jeff Bober. It's always there with my old EL84 Budda amps with Sovteks. He said it's a...
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    Budda amps, questions and nomenclatures

    This is the best Stringmaster demo I've seen. He's getting all the tonal variety from only one amp setting. :dude
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    Budda amps, questions and nomenclatures

    I own 3 old Buddas: An original tweed-style mounted Twinmaster 1x12 combo I purchased used; these originally came loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30. This used one had a Celestion G12H30 - I installed an 8 ohm Budda Phat 12. A Verbmaster 18 1x12 combo from 2000 that I purchased new. All stock...
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    Which Greenback do you prefer in this clip?

    A good comparison test would be between the standard Celestion G12M Greenback Reissue and the Marshall G12C. My guess is that the differences would be much smaller.
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    I Love My Budda II: Purple Returns...

    I have 1x12" combo versions of both the TM and SD30. I also have a Verbmaster, also in 1x12" combo form. They are all early hand wired versions; the newest of these amps is the SD30 and it's 16 years old now. I love these amplifiers. They are so musical and fun to play. I'd say the only...
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    Budda Verbmaster

    For reference purposes. My old 2000 Verbmaster 18 tube layout was as follows when it originally shipped from Budda: First preamp tube Sovtek 12AX7WB (furthest from the rectifier) is first and second gain stages. The High Gain input uses both stages. Second preamp tube Sovtek 12AX7WA is the...
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    Budda Verbmaster Old vs New

    Just adding to this old thread by saying my 1996 Twinmaster is similar to my 2000 Verbmaster when playing through the same speaker. I'd say the TM is more immediate and brighter. The VM is a bit less forward, a bit more mellow at lower to mid volume settings but somehow more nasty when cranked...
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    Rare Incoming Amp: Budda Verbmaster 4x10 from 1990's

    I really like the old Buddas and the obscure ones are always exciting to see come out of the woodwork. I still have a 1x12" Verbmaster 18 from 2000. I'm the original owner and actually ordered it directly from Budda; that's the way it was done back then. The amp is still 100% stock and even the...
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    Budda SD18 Series II vs Pre-Peavey vs Vox AC15

    I admit that I've not tested pre and post-Peavey models side by side. And any such tests need to use the same tubes, cabinets, speaker(s), etc. to rule out those variables. I do know that some component values have been changed not to mention component source and composition and circuit board...
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    Budda SD18 Series II vs Pre-Peavey vs Vox AC15

    I do know that the Series I handwired Superdrive 30s have a different (original) value for the mid pot. This makes the mid pot behave differently and give a different tone. A push/pull pot (for the pull/mid feature) in that original value was not available for Series II, hence the difference...
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    What Wah for Jimi Hendrix - Still Raining, Still Dreaming ??

    Read the video's description. That wah is not what you think. But I'm sure Sonus would be flattered by your comments!