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    The Buddy Holly Story: What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Gary Busey is playing Buddy Holly. But also the strat.
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    Is the used market drying up?

    Except it’s still double and triple dipping. Why in the world should any of us be compelled to pay taxes (again) for the privilege to sell (often at a loss) gear which we paid state tax for when we purchased? People like you aren’t helping anything.
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    I have owned this pedal 4 times since it was released - I just always come back to it. I use spring reverb on my amp and the Flint lives in 70s mode when I use it. I think my favorite trem on it is the 63. While there are certainly other solutions that sound better separately (IMO) for the...
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    The next Howard Dumble?

    Is it possible that someone who is building today is indeed as good? Sure. Will we know? Doubtful because unless they are building something wild for a touring pro, I can’t imagine anyone can r wants to take the time to tweak 10-12 amps annually and make no money.
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    Are expensive interface’s worth it?

    going to use a newer Mac with the M1, newest OS. Would like to keep it under $500. dont need too much expandability - I want to be able to record and layer guitar tracks at home mostly.
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    Are expensive interface’s worth it?

    see I’ve been wanting an interface and have an ox - the Apollo is what my buddy recommended but there has to be a decent cost effective option, right?
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    The official Two-Rock thread! Post your amps, favorites, opinions, pics and tips here

    I would definitely go with Chad since he built all (or most of) the Opals. He helped me with mine when I had it as I saw no reason to go to anyone else. Good luck!
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    Vertex D-Style Amp

    they are also not allowed to use it anymore.
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    Vertex D-Style Amp

    I don’t see anything in the OP, can anyone else link it? looked on SW and saw nothing.
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    Who is your "Christmas Voice"?

    Brenda Lee and Burl Ives are my favorites. Have also always been a huge fan or Aaron Neville’s Soulful Christmas
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    The official Two-Rock thread! Post your amps, favorites, opinions, pics and tips here

    so this is the second ODS I’ve had (also previously owned a Welagen 70s ODS). honestly - I think I’m probably just not a channel switching player. I am thinking back to when I had my Opal and came to the same conclusion. I still have my original 65 Deluxe Reverb and a NOS TR TC100.
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    Sold Louis Electric Cobra

    FS ONLY - LOUIS ELECTRIC COBRA 183 As new, I received this amp from Lou several months ago and it hasn’t left my home. Tubes are basically brand new (less than 10 hours on them). Skip the wait time and snag one now! I waited nearly seven months for this one and I don’t believe that the wait...
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    The official Two-Rock thread! Post your amps, favorites, opinions, pics and tips here

    probably in between these two. I believe that the TC also comes in lower wattages closer to the studio pro.
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    What tweed Deluxe to buy? Any opines on this weighty issue?

    Germino’s model is very, very nice.
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