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    Anybody like to mod Jet City amps?

    I have a 22H. I tweaked it to my preference, I didn't like the lack of mids and the fizzy highs, was too modern metal sounding for me. I used the Duncan Amplification tone stack calculator to come up with some tweaks to suit my needs. I removed C6, changed the slope resistor to 33k, changed C16...
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    Soldano Avenger replacement amp knobs

    Look like large Jazz bass knobs
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    Which Glue For Refrets And Why

    I use CA for fret jobs, been using Pacer Slo Zap for years. I'm currently doing a refret on a PRS, they really cram a lot of CA in the slots.
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    Sold DiMarzio Area T Tele pickup set

    I'm interested can you shoot me some pix to ?
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    Wah Pedals- Who has the best tone??

    I own a ton of vintage Italian Vox, Cry Baby, JEN, Dallas Arbiter, etc, wahs, and that's the sound I like. I have a Teese Picture wah, and it sounds pretty close to my favorite vintage wahs. I will put in a plug for Kyle Chase, I like his pots, and he also hooked me up with some vintage Arco...
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    Soldano SLO 100 vs Friedman BE 100

    I had a SLO for close to 15 years. The first time I played one, it made me go 'whoa!'. They do one thing extremely well, high gain with punch and articulation even at high volume. They have a unique sound. The clean/crunch side of things were OK at best. The loop worked fine with pro rack gear...
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    1974 Les Paul Custom "twentieth Anniversary"

    My 74 20th Anny, it had the anniversary 15th fret inlay, but it disappeared when the fingerboard was planed due to humps. Really cool guitar, I can unleash my inner Al DiMeola Elegant Gypsy era licks.
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    Highwood strat saddles

    I've been using them for around 3 years, I'm glad they are back on the market again because I love them.
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    Alternatives to Callaham?

    I recently picked up a ABM 5050 Strat trem and also put a set of Highwood Guitar Parts saddles on it. The ABM is every bit as good as a Callaham, plus it has an arm tension set screw so you can adjust how loose or tight you want the arm. I love the Highwood saddles, I've used them on various...
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    AGL Saddle comparison: Gotoh vs Highwood tremolo saddles.

    It's hard to go back to using regular Strat saddles once I got the Highwood saddles. I even replaced the cast saddles on a couple of Gotoh 510 trems and put on the Highwoods, got more of the vintage tone going now.
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    Highwood Contoured Saddles

    FWIW, I have used the Highwood saddles since 2015, and I love them. I am not an endorser, just enthusiastic about them.
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    Highwood Contoured Saddles

    I would guess they use SS screws so they don't rust. It's not a lot of fun trying to clean out rusty crud in the hex screws in old Fender saddles trying to get the allen wrench to go in again
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    AGL Saddle comparison: Gotoh vs Highwood tremolo saddles.

    Ive been using those saddles since they came out in 2015, I think they are wonderful.
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    Beware of MJT/Musikraft customer service!!!

    If it's a parts-o-caster, I usually assemble the parts in the white before finish to make sure everything is going to fit/work. Then I disassemble, do final prep work and shoot the finish. You can't just assume stuff is going to fit together perfectly.
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    Fender label on Warmoth neck?

    Do whatever you want, it's your guitar. I'm not going curl up into the fetal position and break into a cold sweat because someone put a Fender decal on a Warmoth neck.