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    Help me select a Phaser!

    Retro-Sonic Phaser...has Speed, Depth, AND Level controls. Runs much quieter than most and also has a wider range of speed than most Phase 90 type phasers. Love it!
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    Did Jimi Hendrix play 5th chords?

    Listen to the intro in "All Along The Watchtower".
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    Sold BOSS ES-8 Switching System(NIB)

    Sorry guys, I can't do trades on this but I appreciate all the great offers. This is a BRAND NEW and NEVER USED unit that has never even been taken out of the box...just opened to take a few pics. Feel free to email or PM with questions or for pics. You've been looking and want to save...
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    Sold BOSS ES-8 Switching System(NIB)

    Brand New Boss ES-8 still available...save yourself $125.00 off retail. Only selling for financial reasons. Contact me with any questions.
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    Sold BOSS ES-8 Switching System(NIB)

    I have a brand new in the box Boss ES-8 that I'm unable to use. It was purchased several months ago but has just been sitting in my spare room. Comes in the original box with the power supply and manual. Price includes shipping to the US Lower 48. Contact me if you need pics or are ready to buy...
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    BOSS ES-8 Discussion!

    Hey guys, I bought an ES-8 several months ago with hopes of incorporating it into my setup but unfortunately I'm forced to sell it before putting it to use. It's brand new in the box and ready to ship out. If you're looking for one please get in touch and I'll give you a great deal!
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    Cracker low impov scale?

    Try either an E Minor Pentatonic or an E Blues scale.
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    chicken pickin' for noobs; recommend me some tabs/lessons please!

    There have been a bunch of threads about this topic posted in this section. If you search "country guitar" or "chicken pickin" you should find what you're looking for. There are also a ton of video lessons on YouTube that focus on that style of playing. My personal recommendation would be to...
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    What's your favorite Analog Delay with Tap Tempo?

    My favorite is the EH DMMTT1100...just an incredible sounding delay and the tap tempo works flawlessly.
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    John Mayer Slow Dancing Question

    I can see where it might be a little confusing for some people but it's definitely in the key of E Major. First clue is the way the Chorus resolves to an E Major chord. The body of the song is based off the VI chord which is C# Minor. I guess a lot of people focus too much on the way the song...
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    Early BB Preamp vs current version

    Long time BB Preamp user and I've never seen anything like that before. The earlier run of pedals had a bit more built in compression but other than that the versions are the same. Yours may be some sort of prototype before they settled on the final design. You might wanna contact Xotic and see...
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    Mogami Cable Customer Service

    Mogami makes great cables and has excellent customer service as well. Pretty sure you could have just returned your cable to the retailer you bought it from and they'll exchange it for a new one no questions asked. Next time check the warranty before going on a forum to bash them.
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