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  1. LJD

    What is this crud on my power tube?

    I gig with it regularly, always moved with a cover on it, stored in a nice dry clean room. Those are backplate 6v6s. Should i try to clean it off? It's only on that one tube.
  2. LJD

    Cold Dry Weather, fret ends sticking out.

    Right. Until recently my guitars lived in southern California.
  3. LJD

    Cold Dry Weather, fret ends sticking out.

    Here in New England this cold spell is threatening some of my gear. My house is dried out from the heat blasting. Today I noticed my newest guitar (2016 Fender Tele) has the fret ends sticking out either sides of the fretboard. It was the only guitar not stored in its case all day for the last...
  4. LJD

    Jerry Garcia tone on prs

    That PRS looks modded, but gets there. Looks like an SE EG body, but that's a core line neck, probably from an old CE 22. I'm sure the proper amp helps (like a SMS Preamp > solid state amp). Per all the "fingers" comments... Yeah, none of these tribute guys have Jerry's fingers, but the tones...
  5. LJD

    Song with the perfect guitar tone

    Can I add some Trey? This solo... the dynamic touch, perfect reverb, and harmonic resonation/blooms...
  6. LJD

    59s Vs Antiquity's

    I had my Antiquities potted and modded for coil splitting (in my SG standard). They're less compressed than the stock pickups, very nice sounding.
  7. LJD

    Fender Deluxe reverb vs Vibrolux

    6L6 = bolder sound in the low end (to me).
  8. LJD

    NGD: PRS McCarty 594 Singlecut

  9. LJD

    Tele Switch Tip Issues

    Love it. Sounds just as it should, plays great, excellent fit and finish.
  10. LJD

    PRS Multi-Scale

    I don't understand the surprise reaction, PRS regularly claims that Private Stock will build you whatever you want. Doubt the CNC was programmed for a double-neck either, but have seen a few...
  11. LJD

    Tele Switch Tip Issues

    Correct, it is an "innie". They also make domed tops with smooth surface.
  12. LJD

    Tele Switch Tip Issues

    Couldn't macgyver it myself, so picked up one of these from Armadillo Guitar. Side tension screw solves the problem, got one that matches the brass saddles on the new US pro teles.
  13. LJD

    NGD! It goes twaaang

    I'd say eliminated. Sounds exactly how it's supposed to, very nice pickups. Spent a little time this morning dialing in the intonation, relief, and action for the change to 10 gauge strings. Even the volume and tone knobs have perfect action/resistance. Really pleased with the guitar. Played 3...
  14. LJD

    Doing a Neck Thru Tele build - Jerrification Update

    That is amazing, congrats.
  15. LJD

    NGD! It goes twaaang

    Fender American Professional Telecaster. Sonic Grey. My first tele. Very nice fit and finish, plays great. Excellent sustain and ring, nice comfortable weight. These latest versions are winners. Love the brass compensated bridge/saddles, well machined. It includes a cool new shortened ash tray...
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