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  1. lofibrian

    Any early Wildwood "Relic-Ready" adopters that can share their experience?

    It hasn’t really. The neck nitro felt a little sticky but my rougher warehouse manager hands have fixed that. No checking, dings found easily beyond swirls and normal play wear.
  2. lofibrian

    FS Timmy V3 & Lovepedal Vibronaut Photocell package $280

    Us only, usps priority in a new box. Would prefer buyer handles fees however they wish. $280 Sale Pending. both are like new with all initial swag. Timmy was not a blem. Not trying to separate. will do the Timmy for $189 and the vibe for $109.
  3. lofibrian


    Here is what I requested!
  4. lofibrian


    Just an update on my custom Klein set. I submitted a question to the online form just looking for an update/quote on backlogs & turnaround. No response in the last week.
  5. lofibrian

    Best chorus + vibrato pedals 2021

    red witch empress Catalinbread calisto
  6. lofibrian

    FS Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker set nickel covers with Gibson quick connect adapters added - $200

    excellent condition/nearly new. factory nickel covered set. 4-conductor wiring. with the box and such as I have the 490r/498t set from the sg in that box. will get pics soon. These were in my sg standard and I rarely have played it since installing them because of the 300k pots in the SG. this...
  7. lofibrian


    Still waiting, no communication or word on wait times or backlog. How long do I go? It’s been a month. My $300 could be better spent elsewhere at this point on a 65ish hot set.
  8. lofibrian


    I’m still waiting on the custom set I ordered Black Friday weekend. Bad luck with the reticon flanger fiasco and possibly this. Hmmm
  9. lofibrian

    Strat Players _ Favorite Pickups?

    Don Mare Super Sports
  10. lofibrian


    I ordered a custom set last weekend with the black Friday pricing,. The Above post is concerning. Anyone have recent contact with klein?
  11. lofibrian

    Fulltone Gold Standard Cable

    I use 2 15ft fulltone cables in my rig and did not realize they were OOP. Probably why I got them so cheap a few years back…
  12. lofibrian

    Eternity Burst Limited Run

    So wait, my eternity burst Handwired is not as good as these?
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