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Recent content by Long2Play

  1. Long2Play

    Any builders here who also make their own unique pickups?

    Grosh builds their own pickups.
  2. Long2Play

    Your favorite Legato player

    Allan Holdsworth Shawn Lane Bill Connors Allen Hinds Guthrie Govan
  3. Long2Play

    Good acoustic for around $1500, Martin or other?

    03 Series Larrivee or a 300 Series Taylor. I think the Larrivee is a particularly high quality instrument in that price range. I have an OM-3R and it is wonderful. I also own Taylors and a Santa Cruz.
  4. Long2Play

    FS Sold Larrivee OM-03R Acoustic

    I love mine!
  5. Long2Play

    Is the Barber Direct Drive a Bluesbreaker-based circuit?

    I LOVE my Direct Drive Super Sport! That thing rips!
  6. Long2Play

    Anyone familiar with Chandler Guitars?

    I have a Chandler Weisenborn shaped 6 string Lap Steel. It was a steal of a steel at $200.00 with hard shell. Single dog ear P-90. I sold a few Chandler’s retail in the late 90’s.
  7. Long2Play

    The HX Effects is legit

    I did not run it that way. I did run it by itself in the effects loop and got a loud ground loop. I’ve since moved to powering the HXFX via a Strymon Zuni plugged into the same outlet plus a Goodwood Audio TX Interfacer. Problem solved. I did run the HXFX in the loop of my Mesa Mark V:25 and had...
  8. Long2Play

    Sold Landry LS50G3 Guitar amp head

    Left button goes between the clean channel and the gain channels. The right button goes between the red and yellow gain channels. I have a Landry LS-100G3. Killer amp here!
  9. Long2Play

    The HX Effects is legit

    I’m building a new pedalboard rig with an HX Effects as the controller for MIDI. It’s been ran 4cm with a Mesa Mark V:25 and a Bogner Ecstacy 3534. So far so good. Because I intend on using expression pedals, I am going to use a Voodoo Lab Control Switcher to do amp switching. Sounds like that...
  10. Long2Play

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    I’m building a HX Effects board with a Voodoo Lab Hex and a Voodoo Lab control switcher. Early stages. I’m assuming the HX Effects is on the Line 6 wall wart with the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+? I’m running a Strymon Zuma plus Ojai for my system. It has enough current using a current doubler...
  11. Long2Play

    Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    Sounds right to me. It’s so easy to get really great sounds out of every channel. The clean is simply exceptional, IMO. The blue channel does the British stuff and the red channel just rips!! Plus boost and a great sounding loop. I have a very cool pile of amps at my place. The Bogner is what I...
  12. Long2Play

    Pedal Builders You Love.

    Strymon ZVex Way Huge Bogner Xotic
  13. Long2Play

    Whats The Secret To Playing 2 Amps Without Hum?

    Both are great designs. The only thing missing from the Swissthings for me was stereo summing capability. I'm building a new pedal board rig and found a Goodwood Audio TX Interfacer used locally for a great price. Allows the board to run stereo or mono. If I add a splitter like the Twincity...
  14. Long2Play

    Bogner Ecstasy 3534

    I had the exact same reaction to the clean channel. Absolutely blown away by it. I have serial number 007. The effects loop is quiet. The gain channels have surprisingly low noise even when pushed hard. My opinion is that Bogner has created an absolute tone monster of an amplifier and I am...