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    Update on Shipment of AF2 #2

    Well Dave pulled through for me. Sent in an AF1 to be repaired a little after the new year (when he was doing great with replying to emails). Then I didn't a hear back from him when I asked if he received my pedal, and saw a few more grumblings around here, so I thought I wouldn't be seeing it...
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    Bonamassa Fuzz Face - what the hell is this?!

    Not to mention that the photo makes the pedal look flat matte black, not glossy as it appears to really be. I was checking out photos at Proguitarshop which is where I grabbed the above pic.
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    Bonamassa Fuzz Face - what the hell is this?!

    Huh? All fuzz faces have a flat spot there. It just looks like the rubber pad on this one isn't as tall so it doesn't cover it up as much. And I'm assuming that it's some photo editing and lighting going on that makes it looks like that spot is a different shade of black, when I bet the entire...
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    Reverse delay only?

    With the DD-5, I think that there is no way to completely dial out the dry signal on the reverse delay mode. I think you need the DD-6 or DD-7. Otherwise you'll hear the original signal first before the reverse delay which kind of ruins the whole point.
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    Help! I think I broke my phaser...

    The best thing to do to tweak the pot is with the intensity dimed and the speed up, have it engaged while a friend is playing (or while using a looping pedal). Gradually turn the pot either direction from the original setting to see what effect it has and to dial in the sweet spot.
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    Do the PT2 or PT1 Come Pre-Drilled for Power Supply Brackets?

    Everyone should own a drill. You can get a variable speed one for under $20. But yeah, borrow one from a friend. Or head down to a Home Depot and use one of the ones they have on display. Though you'll need the right size drill bit.
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    Do the PT2 or PT1 Come Pre-Drilled for Power Supply Brackets?

    Yeah, to confirm what other dudes said, the PT-1 does come with brackets and screws but they just aren't pre-drilled.
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    Light on my Boss CE-2 doesn't work. Easy fix???

    If it is the LED and not the way you're powering it, it's convenient that Radio Shack has 3mm LED's for replacement. They're more expensive per LED there than ordering from smallbear or other places, but actually much cheaper when you factor in shipping. And if you can solder, it's a very easy...
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    Where to buy the True-Bypass Looper Switch boxes / enclosures?

    Loop Master and Road Rage Loopers. Actually Loop master is doing a special right now, for "Custom Loopers" for $100. The max on this deal is 6 loops, but a good deal worth looking into. If you need more 6 loops, maybe getting 2 "custom loopers".
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    Recommendation for a good shop to have acoustic neck reset (preferably west coast)?

    Thanks for the replies guys. Great, Arnie Gamble was at the top of my list and was hoping someone would mention him with some first hand experience. My father-in-law lives in Chico, so Sac is relatively close in the grand scheme of things.
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    Recommendation for a good shop to have acoustic neck reset (preferably west coast)?

    So my father-in-law purchased a sweet vintage Martin. Great shape except the action on the thing is insanely high. It's well beyond a bridge and truss rod adjustment, so it's going to need the neck reset. Anyone have any recommendations of where to get this done. Preferably in northern...
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    Tube Screamer copy with a boost switch?

    Nice sounding pedal, but not a tube screamer.
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    CE-1 Clones?

    The Retro Sonic Chorus is exactly what you're looking for. Unfortunately they've been recently discontinued, so they're pretty pricey too on the used market. But if you see one going for relatively cheap, you should snag it.
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