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    "Pretty in Pink" '81 Version vs. '86 Version

    Don't know if I'm the only one, but the 86 version sounds like such a different song, plus the compression and crappy sound is inherent to YouTube so.... The 86 version sounds like it could have come off of The Replacements Don't Tell a Soul. It has a completely different vibe. I do not dislike it.
  2. Lost_Cause

    RIP Chris Cornell

    Wow. Listening to the end.. He hits those notes...I think I have an ancient copy of this show but was is bad quality. This is a perfect video. I remember I read the review for this in Circus magazine (was a metalhead) and bought it on the spot. I had it for a very long time before it got any...
  3. Lost_Cause

    RIP Chris Cornell

    Something about this song... I always loved it. I must say that his voice in this video is pretty spot on. I know, 1992.
  4. Lost_Cause

    RIP Chris Cornell

    I agree. This is a great song and vocal. My favorite from this record (which is saying something). You will never hear a word from meeeeee, if its an all night thing. Feel so bad for his family to have to live with this.
  5. Lost_Cause

    Ever Re-Visit An Album Years Later and Finally "Get" It?

    Wilco - Being There. The lyrics were really too cheesy for me that in the beginning. At the prompting of some people here, I gave it a new listen and have enjoyed it thoroughly since. Not sure why the change of heart, but love it now. Now I have found albums that I didn't know about until well...
  6. Lost_Cause

    Any thoughts/info on Yamaha Spinex pickups?

    I want to say that these were used starting sometime in the early 80s in the higher end SGs not the one that Santana would have used.
  7. Lost_Cause

    Bob Weir's Weather Report Suite Demo

    Wake of the Flood is killer. It is crazy how he nailed the melody without any lyrics. That is a skilled lyricist to make that work. This is fun. My brother would love this.
  8. Lost_Cause

    Izzy Stradlin

    I picked up the Ju Ju Hounds record on a whim for like a quarter at a resale shop years ago and was blown away by how good it was when I finally got around to playing it. He has a kind Ronnie Wood quality to him. Almost everything of his that I have found is really high quality.
  9. Lost_Cause

    What is Your Most Listened to GD Song?

    Loser Sugaree a close second It is so hard not to just list cool songs because there are so many.
  10. Lost_Cause

    Praise or worship bands, what are some more rock or aggressive tunes you like to play?

    Wish there was a feature that let me step through the songs posted in a thread so I would not have to do it by hand. My church plays organ. Not much rock happening there, I just am interested in the harder edged Christian music and I am very new to the genre. I am enjoying Jesus Freak on heavy...
  11. Lost_Cause

    Your favorite really obscure bands?

    Actually "School of Fish" if we are talking about the same band. Their first album is Grrreat. I am not sure they are that obscure though. They were pretty popular and on MTV in the early mid 90s. Three Strange Days was in pretty heavy rotation (when MTV played music).
  12. Lost_Cause

    Twisted Sister: A Case Study

    Their bit part in Pee Wee's Big Adventure pretending to do a video for "Burn In Hell" is awesome. Read Dees book and yea, it was not all glory. He has had to eat a bit of crap over the years. I went back and looked at the videos of the performances he talked about in the book and anything...
  13. Lost_Cause

    J.D. Simo show at Sellersville, PA 4/5/16

    Back in March, they had a show cancelled in Champaign Il and he came to the town that I lived in and played a free gig which is about 45 minutes south of Champaign. Second gig at this small bar in about 8 months. Heard it was packed and awesome. If it had not been Easters Eve and I had been...
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